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UB Channel, KYO

UB1 benefits the eyes due to wind heat, reduces swelling due to wind heat, expels wind heat, treats insomnia
UB2 eliminates wind, clears heat
UB13 Back shu of the lung
UB18 Back shu of the Liver
UB19 Back shu of the gall bladder
UB 15 Back shu of the heart
UB23 Back shu of the kidneys, tonifies Kd, fortifies Yang, deep needling could penetrate the kindney
UB 25 Back Shu of the LI, regulates the intestines
UB14 Back Shu of the Pericardium
UB22 Back shu of the San Jiao
UB27 Back shu of the small Intestine, helps clear from turbid
UB20 back shu of Spleen, tonifies Sp Qi and Yang, resolve dampness
UB21 back shu of the stomach regulates stomach + descends rebellion
UB 17 back shu of the diaphragm, influential point for blood
UB16 Back shu of the Du Mai
UB28 back shu of UB
UB35 Benefits the coccyx
UB40 He Sea, benefits the knees, best for lower back pain
UB12 best for external wind
UB33 best for lower back pain, together with UB40
UB32 Best sacral point for gynecological problems, Best sacral point for urinary system problems
UB57 calf pain, heel pain
UB10 window of the sky, caution brain stem
UB62 Confluent point of Yang Qiao Mai
UB60 Jing River, Fire, contraindicated during Pregnancy
UB58 Harmonizes upper/ lower to anchor theYang, LUO connection pt
UB56 heel pain together with 57
Hemorrhoids UB 35, 40, 57
UB 66 Horary Point, Water, Ying Spring
UB11 benefits the bones, sea of marrow
UB67 Jing Well, Metal
UB39 lower he sea pt of San Jiao
UB7 benefits the nose, nasal congestion, together with DU 23
UB47 nourishes the hun
UB42 nourishes the PO, outer back shu of the Lung
UB44 nourishes the shen
UB49 nourishes the YI, outer back shu of the spleen
UB52 nourishes the Zhi, outer back shu of the Kd
UB44 outer back shu of the Heart
Regulates the Jing Qi Outer shu
UB47 outer back shu of the Lv
Regulates Ying Qi inner shu
UB21 back shu of the stomach, sends food to Si
UB36 & 37 Sciatica Pts
UB65 sedation point, Shu Stream, wood
UB 28&64 UB QI XU
UB59 Xi Cleft of Yang Qiao Mai
UB64 Yaun Src
Created by: Crstnr