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Document Formatting

Font, Paragraph, and Page Formatting

What are the areas around your paper that will not be used? Margins
What is font size measured in? Points
Text that has been vertically raised such as found in exponents (X2) and reference material is called this. Superscript
What is text that has been vertically lowered such as in chemical equations like H2O. Subscript
Characters are evenly slanted toward the right and is used to make titles of books noted in the source material stand out. Italics
A formatting option that makes selected words print darker than normal. Bold/Boldface
A frame that surrounds pictures, a page, or text. Border
A list of non-sequential key points, each preceded by a symbol for emphasis. Bulleted List
What should you use to make a list of sequential items stand out? Numbers
All lines except the first line are indented. *Used when citing references Hanging Indent
This is used to organize text in newspapers and newsletters Columns
Insetting text from one of the margins such as when you are identifying the first line of a new paragraph Indent
Key used to indent the first line of a new paragraph Tab
You could change this from single to double in order to make a document easier to read. Line Spacing
This font style is preferred for Titles (It does NOT have curvy tips off the letters). Sans Serif Font
Indicates that the maximum number of lines has been keyed on a page and a new page is beginning Page Break
A page Break created by the user? Hard break
A Page Break created by the word processing program? Soft Break
This font style is preferred for web based content? Sans Serif Font
Direction a document is printed Page Orientation
This is page orientation that is wider than tall Landscape
References used to credit the source of information that are located at the end of a document on a separate page (sometimes called a works cited)? Endnotes
Repetitive text located in the bottom margin Footers
This is page orientation that is taller than wide Portrait
References found at the bottom of the page where the referenced material was used? Footnote
Repetitive text located in the top margin Headers
What do you call the dots going out to a tab set for the page number in a table of contents? Leaders
Which page orientation is taller then wide? Portrait
What formatting should be used for Titles of reports? Bold or All Caps
What formatting should be used for links to webpages and email addresses? Underline
What formatting should be used to help you pronounce a word? The accent symbol
This gives the reader a quick idea of the topic of a paragraph? Paragraph Heading
If you want your name to appear at the top of every page, where should you type it? Header
How should you get page numbers in the footer of a document? Insert page number button
This font style if preferred for the body text and its curves are said to propel readers forward? Serif Font
Created by: dhall