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formula 2 Qi/blood

Formula 2 Qi and B.S. and bleeding

shi hui san-dx Bleeding in UW due to LV attacking ST
Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang -dx B.S. in Chest with LV Qi stasis
Wen Jing Tang -dx Cold from Deficiency in Ren and Chong leading to B.S.
Yue Ju Wan -dx Mild LV Qi constraint
Gua Lou Xie Bai Bai Jiu TAng -dx Yang in UW blocked (Chest Bi Syndrome)
Ding Chuan TAng -dx Phlegm heat with exterior wind cold
Huai Hua San -dx Intestinal bleeding due to toxic heat or wind heat
Tao He Cheng Qi TAng -dx B.S. and heat in LW
Shi Xiao San -dx B.S. in lower abdo
Gui Zhi Fu LIng Wan -dx B.S. in womb during pregnancy
Ban Xia Hou Po TAng -dx Plum Pit Qi due to Qi stasis and Phlegm accumulation
Jiao Ai Tang -dx Deficiency in the Ren and Chong leading to excessive bleeding
Sheng Hua Tang -dx Cold in LW after childbirth leading to B.S.
Fu Yuan Huo Xue Tang -dx Traumatic injury leading to B.S. and Qi stasis along the LV and GB channels
Su Zi Jiang Qi Tang -dx Excess above in the LU and Deficiency below in KD
Xiao Ji Yin Zi -dx Heat in the LW leading to blood in the urine
Dan Shen Yin -dx B.S. and Qi stasis in the epigastrium and abdomen
Bu Yang Huan Wu Tang -dx B.S. in the channels and Qi Deficiency
Qing Re Zhi Beng Tang -dx Excessive uterine bleeding due to excessive heat
Huo Luo Xiao Ling Dan -dx B.S. in the channels and collaterals w/ LV qi stasis
Liang Fu Wan -dx Cold in ST and LV Qi stasis
Jin LIng Zi San -dx Heat and LV Qi stasis
Hou Po Wen Zheng Tang -dx Damp Cold injurying the SP/ST with Qi Stasis
Liang Fu Wan herbs Gao Liang Jiang and Xiang Fu
Jin LIng Zi San herbs Chuan Lian Zi and Yan Hu Suo
Xue Fu Zhu Yu TAng herbs Tao Ren, Hong Hua, Chuan Xiong, Dang Gui, Chi Shao (instead of Bai Shao), Sheng Di (instead of Shu di); Chai Hu, Zhi Ke (instead of Zhi Shi), Chuan Niu Xi, Jie Geng and Gan Cao
Shi Xiao San herbs Wu LIng Zhi and Pu Huang
Dan Shen Yin herbs Dan Shen, Tan Xiang, Sha Ren
Wen Jing Tang herbs Wu Zhu Yu, Gui Zhi; Dang Gui, Chuan Xiong and Bai Shao; E Jiao and Mai Men Dong; Mu Dan Pi; Ren Shen and Gan Cao; Sheng Jiang and Ban Xia
Bu Yang Huan Wu Tang herbs Huang Qi (start with 30 g); Dang Gui Wei, Chuan Xiong, Chi Shao, Tao Ren,and Hong Hua,; Di Long
Haui Hua San herbs Huai Hua Mi, Ce Bai Ye, Jing Jie and Zhi Ke
Tao He Cheng Qi Tang -cc Acute, fixed, tender abdominal pain (with severe Excess Heat sx)
Xue Fu Zhu Yu TAng- cc Severe, fixed pain in chest and hypochondirum
Shi Xiao San - cc irregular period, dysmennorhea, retained lochia, acute colicky pain in Low abdomen, severe pain in mid abdi
Dan Shen Yin- cc sharp, throbbing fixed pain in epigastrium or abdomen may radiate to chest
Bu Yang Huan Wu Tang- cc sequalae of Wind Stroke with Qi defiency sx
Gui Zhi Fu LIng Wan-cc mild persistant spotting (dark, purple blood) during pregnancy; immobile masses in lower abdo; amenorrhea due to B.S., dysmennorhea due to B.S. retention of Lochia
Sheng Hua Tang - cc retention of lochia with cold and pain in low abdomen
Wen Jing Tang - cc abnormal uterine bleeding with brown/black blood between menses and red blood during menses; pain that responds to warmth
Fu Yuan Huo Xue Tang-cc traumatic injury in LV and GB mai
Huo Luo Xiao Ling Dan -cc 4 patterns of B.S.(traumatic injury, rheumatic pain, fixed abdo masses, B.S. ulcers)
Shi Hua San-cc UW reckless bleeding
Huai Hua San -cc bright red bleeding from rectum
Xiao Ji Yin Zi -cc blood in urine with Heat Lin Sx
Qing Re Zhi Beng Tang -cc Abnormal uterine bleeding with heavy bright red or dark red, thick blood
Jiao Ai Tang-cc mild abdo pain with excessive bleeding (pale and thin); postpartum bleeding; bleeding during pregnancy
Yue Ju Wan -cc focal distention and a stifling sensation in chest and abdomen
Ban Xia Hou Po Tang-cc feeling of something caught in throat that can not be swallowed or coughed up
Gua Lou Xie Bai Bai Jie TAng -cc Chest Bi Syndrome - chest has a stifling sensation and pain
Hou Po Wen Zhong TAng -cc epigastric, abdominal distention, fullness and tightness
Liang Fu Wan-cc ST pain related to cold in the ST blocking Qi flow that responds well to warmth
Jin Ling Zi San -cc intermittent epigastric and hypochondrial pain (LV mai) Pain can be aggravated by stress
Su Zi Jiang Qi TAng - cc coughing, wheezing with watery copious sputum and relatively laboured inhalation and smooth exhalation (KD not grasping Qi)
Ding Chuan Tang - cc coughing and wheezing with copious thick yellow sticky sputum.
Created by: nesaherbal