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BodyFluids, Phlegm, LU, LI

Body Fluid Normal fluids in body (saliva, CSF, gastric/intestinal juices, tears, sweat, nasal discharge, urine
Body Fluid Formation/Distribution (Mouth to Skin) Water(Mouth)->ST->SP->LU->HT(blood circulation)->wei qi->Skin(sweat)
Body Fluid Formation/Distribution (Mouth to Urine) Water (Mouth)->ST->SP->LU->KD->UB->Urine and ST->SI (Ye)->KD->UB->Urine
Body Fluid Formation/Distribution (Mouth to Stool) Water (Mouth)->ST->SI->LI->Stool
LU affects water metabolism regulate water passages by descending/dispersing
SP affects water metabolism key organ in water metabolism by transforming/transporting function and separations.
KD affects water metabolism dominates water metabolism
LV affects water metabolism circulates qi which moves fluid
Upper Jiao HT/LU:dominates descending/dispersing → “vapor-like fog” (sweat)
Middle Jiao SP/ST:dominates digestion → “foamy” (fluid that moisturizes body/blood)
Lower Jiao KD/LV:dominates separation of clear from turbid → “drainage ditch” (urine/stool)
San Jiao functions (2) Circulate Yuan Qi and internal water passage circulation (irrigation)
Body Fluid functions Moisten and nourish body
Jin Mobile/Clear/Thin fluids distributed on skin/muscles/orifices/fills blood to moisten (LI dominates)
Ye Thick/Heavy fluids stored in bone/joints/bowels/viscera/brain/marrow nourishes (SI dominates)
Jin Ye Body Fluids made from Gu Qi of food.
Body Fluid as Mother of Qi Carries Qi, Nourishes Qi
Qi as Commander of Body Fluid Promotes body fluid, Moves body fluid, Controls body fluid
Blood and Body Fluid Nourish each other and therefore Sweating can damage blood and bleeding can damage body fluids
Deficiency Type Pathologies Deficiency
Excess Type Pathologies Damp (thinner than water), Water (edema), Beverage Syndrome (thicker than water), Phlegm (more concentrated)
Damp moisture, yin pathogenic factor → damage yang and qi, can be mixed with heat, ex. candida, HIV (damp heat)
Water thin, pure liquid
Beverage water mixed with components (Cold Damp)
Phlegm thick, sticky, turbid, congealed/condensed water
Fluid Deficiency Not enough fluid to moisten/nourish organs and tissues in body
Fluid Deficiency Etiology (2) Fluid production problems (deficiency of SP/ST, dz limiting water/intake); Fluid loss (febrile illness, excessive sweating/bleeding/urination/vomiting/diarrhea, high metabolism)
Fluid Deficiency Manifestations (Dryx5)Dry mouth/throat/cracked lips; Dry skin/stool, scanty urine
Fluid Deficiency Organs Affected ST (dry mouth/throat/lips/tongue crack); LU (dry skin/cough); LI (dry/hard stool); KD (scanty urine)
Fluid Deficiency Tongue/Pulse Dry/Red Tongue; Rapid/thready
Fluid Deficiency Tx Nourishing yin (water) and replenish fluid
Fluid Deficiency Complications (4) Blood Deficiency, Qi Deficiency, Yin Deficiency, Damaged Immune System
Damp Characteristics/Sxs Heaviness/Sinks, Sticky, Stagnation, Yin (cold) pathogenic factor can damage Yang, Excess/Prolonged Dampness becomes Heat/Fire
Edema Syndrome Subcutaneous retention of fluid leading to puffiness of head, face, eyelids, limbs, abdomen, even whole body.
Edema Leaking of fluids from normal pathways from space between skin and muscles
Yang Edema Etiology External and Internal pathogenic factors
External pathogenic factor for Edema invasion of wind upon the lung resulting in dysfunction of LU dispersion (strep infxn-> acute nephritis)
Internal pathogenic factor for Edema (4) Living in damp place/Wading through water/Drenched by rain/irregular food intake damaging SP transformation/transportation (acute allergic food reaction)
Yang Edema Manifestations abrupt onset edema, puffy face/eyelids->anasarca, lustrous skin, scanty urine, aversion to cold/chills/fever/body ache/sore throat (wind heat invasion)
Yang Edema Tongue/Pulse Thin white or yellow coating; floating/slippery and rapid pulse
Yang Edema Tx Disperse LU and remove retained liquid; Diaphoretics/Diuretics/Purgatives
Yang Edema Summary Acute/Abrupt, puffy/swollen face/eyelids/above waist, shiny skin, LU->SP, slippery/floating/rapid, thin white/yellow
Yin Edema Summary Chronic/Insidious, pitting ankle/below waist, dim/rough skin, SP Qi->KD yang, deep/weak, pale, puffy, flabby
Yin Edema Etiology Overstrain, Internal injury, indulgent sexual activity leading to weakness of SP and KD
Yin Edema in WM Acute → Chronic Nephritis/Renal failure, CHF, Cirrhosis, Protien/B1 Deficiency
Yin Edema Manifestations Insidious onset edema (esp. below waist), pitting, rough/dim skin, scanty urine, poor appetite, loose stool, ascites, fatigue, soreness/weakness of low back/legs, cold limbs (aversion to cold)
Yin Edema Tongue/Pulse White moist coating and pale flabby tongue; Deep and weak pulse
Yin Edema Tx Warm yang and remove the retained liquid (Diuretics/Purgatives), limit fluid intake, no sexual activity,
Beverage Syndrome (aka Yin Syndrome) Water mixed with components. Dz resulting from thin and clear fluid retention between organs, meridians, and tissues.
Beverage Syndrome Etiology Hypofunction or impairment of internal organs
Tan Yin aka “Phlegm-like”, Location: Stomach, Intestines
Tan Yin Clinical Manifestations abd. distention, prefers warm, splashing sound in upper abd, watery vomiting, no thirst/thirst but dislikes drinking, poor appetite/weight loss, dizziness;
Tan Yin T/P Swollen w/ white/sticky tongue coating, slippery pulse
Tan Yin in WM Pyloric Stenosis or GI Tract Obstruction
Tan Yin Diagnoses SP Qi Xu, SP Yang Xu
Xuan Yin aka “Hanging”, location: hypochondrium
Xuan Yin Manifestations pain in chest/hypochondria, aggravated by cough/bringing up sputum/breathing/upper body movement, SOB
Xuan Yin T/P Sticky, white tongue coating, deep/wiry pulse
Xuan Yin in WM Pleural effusion mostly by CHF, Pleurisy,
Yi Yin aka “Overflow”, location: limbs
Yi Yin Manifestations Edema/pain/heaviness in limbs/joints, fever, aversion to cold, no sweating
Yi Yin T/P Sticky, white tongue coating, wiry/tight pulse
Yi Yin in WM Arthritic Effusion (fluid in joint cavity-water on knee)
Zhi Yin aka “Branch out”, location: chest, diaphragm
Zhi Yin Manifestations cough, asthma, dyspnea, foam-like sputum, fullness in chest, inability to lie flat, repeated occurrences of illness, worse in cold
Zhi Yin T/P Sticky, white tongue coating, wiry/tight pulse
Zhi Yin in WM Bronchiectasis from recurrent infection or cystic fibrosis
Yin Syndrome Tx Warm Yang and Dissolve beverage in body
Substantial Phlegm Visible, LU (sputum)
Nonsubstantial Phlegm Invisible, Between organs/meridians, under skin (cysts, tumors, fibroids, stones, goiters, phlegm misting mind/HT, plum pit qi
Phlegm Syndrome Thick, Turbid Fluid Retention between organs, meridans, and tissues.
Phlegm Syndrome Etiology Invasion of External pathogenic factors, emotional disorders, impairments of internal organs
Phlegm Syndrome in LU substantial: cough/asthma, expectorates viscous and turbid sputum
Phlegm Syndrome in SP substantial: distention in abdomen, poor appetite, nausea/vomiting phlegm (mostly damp phlegm), excessive vaginal discharge
Phlegm Syndrome in LV vertigo, “plum pit” throat, numbness of limbs, apoplexy (copious extravasation of blood: stroke, CVA), nodes/masses
Phlegm Syndrome in HT mental confusion, coma, rattle in throat, epilepsy, depression, mania, schizophrenia
Phlegm Syndrome T/P Sticky Tongue coating, Slippery Pulse
Phlegm Syndrome Tx Strengthen SP and resolve the phlegm (LU contains phlegm, SP produces phlegm)
Types of Phlegm (5) Phlegm Heat/Fire, Cold Phlegm, Damp Phlegm, Dry Phlegm, Wind Phlegm
Phlegm Heat Etiology Internal/Eternal Heat or Emotions; Heat consumes Qi and Fluids → Phlegm
Phlegm Heat Manifestations Yellow color phlegm and/or tongue coating
Phlegm Heat in WM Lung infection
Cold Phlegm Etiogy Internal/External Cold, Excess Yin Accumulation/Yang Xu; Cold and congestion of body fluids
Cold Phlegm Manifestations White color phlegm and/or coating, slippery pulse
Cold Phlegm in WM Seasonal Allergies
Damp Phlegm Etiology SP Qi Xu, External Damp (esp late summer)
Damp Phlegm Manifestations Sticky phlegm, heavy extremities, dizziness, vertigo, chest stiffness, excessive vaginal discharge; thick tongue coating, slippery pulse
Damp Phlegm in WM Candida in GI and respiratory tract
Dry Phlegm Etiology Pathogenic/External dryness, dries out fluid (esp in fall)
Dry Phlegm Manifestations Glue-like phlegm, LU problems (dry cough or sputum, hard to expectorate, hemoptysis-severe)
Wind Phlegm Etiology Liver Wind, Yin Xu, External Wind d/t internal LV dysfunction
Wind Phlegm Manifestations Neurological sxs (stroke, seizure, numbness, paralysis)
LU aka (element) ”Canopy” (metal), “Vigor's house”, “Qi's Master”
LU Spirit Po (material body of moon-physiological function for instincts (breathing, seeing, etc))
LU Functions (3) Dominates Qi (Respiration), Dominate Dispersing (skin/wei qi +body hair/sweat), Dominate Descending (Regulate water passages-to KD)
Inhalation LU descends qi + KD grasps qi
Exhalation LU only
LU communicates with...opens into... and manifests in ... Throat and Nose and Body Hair
LU Emotion Grief/sadness
LU Deficiency Qi and Yin, Body Fluid insufficiency
LU Excess Wind cold, Wind heat, Wind dryness, Phlegm attacking
LU Qi Xu Hypofunction of LU Qi d/t chronic cough or asthma (damages LU Qi) or insufficiency of production of Qi (SP/Earth → LU/Metal)
LU Qi Xu Manifestations Feeble cough/asthma, SOB, Spontaneous sweating; low/weak voice, fatigue, cold aversion, catches cold easily, pale face
LU Qi Xu T/P Pale/flabby tongue body w/ teeth marks and thin, white coating; weak pulse (esp. R side d/t angle)
LU Qi Xu Tx Reinforce/Tonify LU and SP Qi (Probiotics/Lotus root), Exercise (Walk/Run/Tai Chi/Swimming)
LU Qi Xu in WM COPD (Asthma, Bronchitis, Emhysema); Long term smokers; Immune Deficiency (recurrent colds/seasonal allergies)
LU Qi Xu P/C Wei Qi Xu (recurrent exterior syndromes), SP Qi Xu, HT Qi Xu (CHF), KD Qi/Yang Xu (failure to grasp qi)
LU Qi Xu vs SP Qi Xu S: Fatigue, Spontaneous Sweating; D: digestive sxs/bloating, loose stool, poor appetite
LU Qi Xu vs HT Qi Xu S: SOB, chest stiffness; D:chest pain/arrythmia, tachycardia, palpitation, insomnia
LU Qi Xu vs KD Qi Xu S: Asthma/Cough; D: More severe asthma/difficulty inhaling, LBP, weak knees, freq. urination, nocturia, sexual dysfunction
LU Yin Xu LU Yin failing to nourish LU producing deficient fire on the interior
LU Yin Xu Etiology prolonged cough (injures LU Yin), pathogenic factors (Heat/Dry attack LU), or KD Yin Xu
LU Yin Xu Manifestations Dry Cough (no phlegm or little/glue-like phlegm), Blood tinged phlegm, Afternoon fever (low grade), Weight Loss; dry mouth/throat, malar flush, night sweats, 5 center heat sensation
LU Yin Xu T/P Dry/red tongue body, dry, peeled coating; rapid/thready pulse
LU Yin Xu in WM Pulmonary Tuberculosis, Lung Cancer, HIV/AIDS, COPD, Steroid use, Sjogrens Syndrome
LU Yin Xu Prognosis/Complications LU Qi Xu, KD Yin Xu
LU Yin Xu vs LU Qi Xu Dry/Weak Cough, Sticky/Thin Phlegm, Blood/No, Afternoon fever/SS, Restless/Fatigue, TB/COPD, Red-Dry-Peeled/Pale-Flabby-Teethmarked, Thready-Rapid Pulse/Weak Pulse
LU Yin Xu vs LU Heat Low grade afternoon fever w/ heat sensations vs Higher fever w/o chills; dry or bloody cough vs productive, yellow cough; rapid/thready vs rapid/flooding
LU Yin Xu Tx Nourish LU and KD Yin -Yin Tonic diet (Asian pear, duck, fresh water fish), Tai Chi
LU Cold etiology (2) Wind Cold attacking body (exterior syndrome) or Cold pathogenic factor directly invades LU
LU Cold Sxs Cough/Asthma (deep/strong/severe/productive [thin, white sputum]); feel cold/chills w/o fever, not thirsty, clear urination/loose stools, runny nose, headache, bodyache
LU Cold T/P White coating; Tight/strong pulse
LU Cold in WM Cold/Flu-sinusitis, Asthma attack, Environmental/Seasonal Allergies
LU Cold P/C Can be cured; Acute cold becomes heat via 2ndary infection; Combine w/ Phlegm, Chronic LU Cold → LU Qi Xu
LU Cold DDX Wind Cold, LU Qi Xu, LU Heat
LU Cold vs Wind Cold Cough/asthma, chills/no fever, P:Strong/tense VS No resp. sx, chills/fever, P:floating/tense
LU Cold vs LU Qi Xu Strong cough, cold sx, P: strong/tense, T: thin/white VS Weak cough, Big 5, P:weak, T:flabby
LU Cold Tx Disperse LU and Eliminate Cold, Eat warm foods (ginger tea)/keep warm, gentle exercise
Wind Cold Sx Chills (averse to wind/cold), Fever, Aches (H/A, Body, Joint)
Wind Cold T/P Thin white coating; Superficial/floating and tense/tight
LU Heat Etiology Wind heat attacking body (exterior syndrome) or Heat directly invading LU or pathogenic cold transforming into heat (secondary infection)
LU Heat Sxs (3) Cough/Asthma (active, frequent, rapid, productive); Yellow/Green/Rusty (w/ blood) sticky sputum; Fever w/o chills; thirst, constipation, scanty/concentrated urine
Wind Heat Sxs (3) Fever, Chills, Sore throat
LU Heat T/P T: Yellow coating, red body; rapid/flooding
Wind Heat T/P Yellow coating, red body; floating/superficial + rapid
LU Heat or Wind Heat in WM (3) Pneumonia, Acute Bronchitis, Strep Throat, Acute tonsillitis
LU Heat P/C Can be cured; Combine w/ phlegm, Heat damages Yin (LU Yin Xu), Heat consumes body fluids (Constipation)
LU Heat DDX Wind Heat, LU Cold, LU Yin Xu, LU Dry
LU Heat vs Wind Heat Fever/no chills, Resp. sx, P:Flooding VS Fever/chills, Sorethroat, P:Floating
LU Heat vs LU Cold Fever/no chills, Yellow T, Heat Sx VS Chills/no fever, White T, Cold Sx
LU Heat Tx Disperse LU and Eliminate Heat (via BM-increase water, fruits/veggies)
LU Dry Etiology Pathogenic dryness invading body and consuming LU Yin or Pathogenic wind heat damaging body fluids → dryness (often seen in autumn)
LU Dry Sxs Dry Cough w/ little sputum too sticky to cough out; dry nose/throat/tongue, chest pain
LU Dry T/P T:Dry w/ thin coating; P:rapid/thready
LU Dry in WC Cold/Flu, Seasonal/Fall Allergies,
LU Dry P/C LU Heat (wei qi xu, pneumonia), LU Yin Xu, LI dryness (constipation)
LU Dry Tx Clear LU and moisten dryness (increase water, pears, soups)
Heat Type Dry Dry cough/no phlegm, Summer to Fall, Blood tinged phlegm, body feels dry, fever, nasal bleeding, SOB, T:Thin yellow, P:Rapid/thready
Cool Type Dry Dry cough/no phlegm, Fall to Winter, No Blood, Less Dry, Chills, nasal obstruction, T:Thin white, P:Tight/tense
LU Phlegm Etiology EPF Wind Cold Damp, Prolonged LU Heat/Cold (cough/asthma) damage DD fxn of water metabolism causing fluid accumulation, SP Qi Xu (poor TT)
LU Phlegm Sx Productive Cough/Asthma, Thick/excessive/white/sticky sputum; cloudy mind/lethargy/laziness/heaviness
LU Phlegm T/P T:Pale w/ sticky coating; P:Slippery/wiry
LU Phlegm in WM Chronic Infection/Dz (ie. COPD), Food Allergy (esp. dairy)
LU Phlegm P/C LU Qi Xu, SP Qi Xu, KD Qi Xu; Easier to catch cold/develop infection
LU Phlegm Types Heat and Cold
LU Phlegm Heat Yellow phlegm, more cough/asthma, Secondary infections (fever), yellow/sticky tongue
LU Phlegm Cold White phlegm, more phlegm, related to food (allergies)
LU Phlegm Tx Eliminate damp and transform phlegm (avoid dairy, ice cream, sugar, fatty/cold foods)
LU Phlegm vs LU Qi Xu More phlegm, excess cough, sticky coating, slippery pulse VS Fatigue, Weak cough, flabby tongue, weak pulse
LI Fxns Receive water (Reabsorption)/Dominate Jin Fluid and Make feces
Normal BM Well formed/long, sinks, easily passed, yellow/brown, not too smelly, in LI time (5-7am)
Constipation Stool too hard/dry, difficult to pass, less frequent
LI Damp Heat Etiology EPF SU Heat, Damp and Toxic Heat invade ST/Intestine, irregular/unclean food intake, excessive raw/cold food (esp in SU and FA)
LI Damp Heat Sxs Diarrhea (yellow/watery/smelly or bloody/white stools), internal heat (high fever, thirst, scanty urine, no sweat), GI (tenesmus, burning at anus, cramping abdominal pain, N/V)
LI Damp Heat T/P T:Yellow/sticky; P:Rapid and rolling or rapid and soft
LI Damp Heat in WM GI/Stomach Flu, Parasites, E. Coli/Food poisoning/Dysentery, Acute Crohns/UC
LI Damp Heat P/C Body fluid deficiency/dehydration, Heat attack PC (unconsciousness), Yang collapse/shock → death, Damage to SP/ST/Intestines
LI Damp Heat vs SP Qi Xu Acute, Heat sx vs Chronic, Weak, no fever
LI Damp Heat vs UB Damp Heat GI tract vs UB Damp frequent, urgent, burning
LI Damp Heat Tx Eliminate Damp in LI, Reinforce SP Qi, (Avoid rich/cold food)
LI Fluid Consumption Etiology Elderly (menopausal women), Women after delivery, Late stage febrile/heat dz
LI Fluid Consumption Sx Constipation w/ hard/dry stools; abdominal distention
LI Fluid Consumption T/P T: Red body w/ yellow rough coating; P:Thready
LI Fluid Consumption Complications Accumulation of toxins, SP/ST Damage, Qi/Yin Damage
LI Fluid Consumption Tx Moisten Intestines, Drink water/fluids, Eat Pear/prunes/dry figs/hemp seed/fiber
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