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Midtern Exam

Social Studied Midtern Exam This Wednesday

QuestionAnswerOthers Coming Soon 2012
Mississipi River The river that is west of the Appalachian Mountains, but east of the Great Plains St. Lawrence River
Iroquois This group formed a confederacy And lived in the Eastern Woodlands
Crusades This major series of wars took Place between the Muslims And Catholics, which led to European explorers trying to Find an all-water route to Asia
Spain The first country to colonize The Americas
Appalachian Mountains This mountain range is in the Eastern region of North America, east of the Mississippi.
Jamestown This early colony had many hardships at first (disease, starvation, etc.), but John Smith discovered the new cash crop, Tobacco, and it survived
Magna Carta The document that gave all English citizens the right to own property. The king couldn’t take it for his own use.
New England Colonies This colony zone has rocky soil and a short growing season
diseases, or smallpox After Europeans discovered the Americas, 90% of the Native Americans died because of this…
Representative Government The English Parliament and House of Burgesses are examples of this kind of democracy
Northwest Passage Explorers tried to find this, which was an all-water route around North America to Asia. Explorers tried to find this, which was an all-water route around North America to Asia.
Great Plains Depended on Buffalo for their food, shelter, and tools.
St. Lawrence River The river that New France Settled across. It is North of New York.
Archeologists Archeologists goes to historical sites and digs for artifacts such as tools, housing, etc. to learn about history
. Inuit adapting Inuits (Eskimos) live in the FAR NORTH They use the ice around them to built igloos
Iroquois Confederacy The 5 iroquois nations (SCOOM) Seneca Cayuga Onondaga Oneida Mohawk Each nation is independent, but they all come together in a time of need.
St. Lawrence How do cultures survive in their Environment?e River They interact with their environment to get food and shelter (they ADAPT) It is North of New York.
Created by: Gyotat17