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Logic Pro Short Cuts

Key Command Pane Opt. K
Toggle zoom to selection Z
Toggle marker list Opt. M
Bin B
Loops O
Loop track or region L
browser F
toggle library Opt. L
Piano roll/Midi notes P
Inspector I
mixer X
event E
Tempo T
change key focus Tab
notation/score N
Move playhead +/- one measure greater than/less than
toggle play/stop space
move playhead to top/measure one Return
Create marker shift command apostrophe
create marker without rounding command apostrophe
previous marker ^ command left
Next marker ^ command right
set loop for marker Opt. command left/right arrow
Cycle toggle C
fine scrubbing shift control
zoom window control option arrow
Mute region Click on region, M
Playhead to markers Option control
actionable menu control click
forward/back one settings on EQ shift right/left bracket
global auto zoom A
Global control reset Option click
Navigate bar to bar Greater than/less than
Open tool options Escape
Cycle through marker region equals C
Automation A
Delete marker command arrow down
create marker by region command up arrow
Open marker list command left arrow
set locations by marker and enable cycle option command up arrow
Go to previous marker control command left arrow
go to next marker control command right arrow
open floating tool box escape
text tool 4
scissors tool 5
Fade tool 0
Pencil tool 1
default of selector tool/pointer esc. esc.
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