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ch4: Lions

Vocabulary for chapter 4: Listening for Lions

sorrows sad feelings, problems
appetite desire to eat
puzzling hard to understand
exaggeration saying something is bigger or greater than it is ("I told you a million times!)
fragrance smell
bleary watery, fuzzy, not focused
graceful elegant, smooth
orphanage a home for children who have no parents
conscience the part of your mind or soul that tells you what is right and wrong
clasping holding something tightly
mansion a huge home for a rich person
railway train
steamer steamboat
porridge a mushy hot cereal
estate the money and property you inherit from a relative
generous giving, happy to share
anxious nervous, hurried
coax beg and whine for something
impaling poking through
slithered slide, glide, move like a snake
deserted empty, nothing inside
nibbled took little bites of something
foolish silly, stupid
waddled walked like a very fat person, wobbled
furious very angry, mad
menacing threatening, scary
tidy clean, put in order
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