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Dispel Wind-Damp

Herbs that dispel wind-damp

Du Huo lower back and leg pain, release exterior, shaoyin stage headache and toothache
Qin Jiao relax the sinews, clears deficiency heat, jaundice, moistens the intestines and unblocks the bowels
Wei Ling Xian unblocks the channels, alleviates pain, fish bone syndrome, focal distention in middle jiao
Hai Tong Pi unblocks the channels, promotes urination to reduce edema, itching skin lesions, toothache
Mu Gua relax the sinews and unblock the channels, harmonize the stomach, food stagnation
Sang Zhi unblock the channels and benefit the joints, edema
Wu Jia Pi sinews and bones, reduce swelling
Cang Er Zi opens nasal passage, exterior disorders
Xi Xin Cao strengthen sinews, calm the shen, clear heat and pacify Liver, damp heat, hypertension
Bai Hua She unblocks the channels, dispel wind from skin and sinews
Created by: srbaboujian