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Graphic files

The types of file extentions fro graphics files

AVI Movie format for Windows Platforms
AVI Audio Video Interleave
BMP Bitmap
BMP is a raster image format used to store and display color and grayscale images. The format supports 24 bit color, which makes it suitable for photos.
should only be used on the Internet if the image only requires 256 colors. Images that have more than 256 colors should be saved as JPEG. GIF
GIF Graphics Interchange Format
JPG or JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group
has a highly efficient way of compressing images and is used for large photos. JPG or JPEG
MPEG A high quality video format used for Internet files. A helper application is usually needed to view MPEG files.
PNG Portable Network Graphics
Adobe Photoshop’s native file format. PSD
PSD Photoshop Document
Quick Time Movie format designed by Apple
The “standard” from Microsoft to transfer text and images between applications running on Windows and Mac OS. RTF
RTF Rich Text Format
TIF or TIFF Tag Image File Format
Platform independent raster format for image files that is supported in almost every image and word processing software. Tag Image File Format
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