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Vie sentimentale

Adolescence teenage years, adolescence
affection affection
amitie friendship
bar cafe, bar
bise kiss
chagrin sadness
coiffeur hairdresser
compliment compliment
conseil advice
couloir corridor
cour courtyard
discretion tact, discretion
doute doubt
excuses excuses
expo(-sition) exhibition
facon way
genre kind,type
joie de vivre joy of living
mur wall
rang rank,row
relation amoureuse love affair
salle de jeux amusement arcade
sentiments feelings
sourire smile
vie sentimentale emotional life
adorable adorable
amoureux (-euse) in love
apprecie(e) appreciated
attirante attractive
content(e) contented
heureux(-euse) happy, lucky
jaloux(-ouse) jealous
joyeux(-euse) happy
malheureux (-euse) unhappy
tel(le) such
triste sad
annuler to cancel
attacher to attach
attirer to attract
bousculer to bump into
croiser to pass, to meet by chance
devoir to have to , ( must)
durer to last
eclater de rire to burst out laughing
enlever to take off
envoyer to send
epater to shock
eviter to aviod
faire semblant to pretend
fondre en larmes to burst into tears
gacher to spoil
gener to embarrass
guerir to heal
manquer a to be missed
oser to dare
plaire a to be liked
pouvoir to be able to
presenter to present
resoudre to resolve
rire to laugh
rompre to break up
supporter to tolerate
s'asseoir to sit down
se calmer to calm down
se disputer to argue
(s')embrasser to embrace, to kiss
s'entre bien to get on well
se facher to get angry
(se) faire la bise to kiss in greeting
se frequenter to see eachother
s'interesser a to be interested in
se moquer de to make fun of
se reconcilier to get back together
se remettre de to get over
se recontrer to meet each other
se retrouver to find oneself
se toucher to touch each other
se voir to see each other
en savoir plus sur to find out more about
ca fait du bien it does you good
ce n'est pas mon type he/she isnt my type
le garcon/la fille de tes reves the boy/ girl of your dreams
loin des yeux, loin du coeur out of sight, out of mind
tomber amoureux (-euse) to fall in love
action action
aimable likeable
ambitieux (-euse) ambitious
amical(e) friendly
assure confident
authoritaire bossy
apprecier to appreciate
avoir de l'imagination to be imaginative
avoir de la patience to be patient
avoir de la sagesse to be wise
avoir du success to be successful
avoir le gout de l'etude to like studying
avoir le sens de analyse to be analytical
caractere character
chiffre figure, number
confiance confidence, trust
contradictoire contradictory
cote side
coup de foudre love at first sight
craindre to fear
douceur gentleness, calm
doue(e) talented, gifted
dur a tough person
egoiste selfish
emotif(-ive) emotional
equilibre balanced
etre (human) being
etre enthousiaste to be enthusiastic
etude study
franchise franckness, "telling it like it is"
gaiete gaiety, fun
genereux(-euse) generous
imaginitif(-ive) imaginitive
malin(maligne) shrewd, cunning
maniaque compulsive
manquer to lack
numerologie numerology
perseverant(e) perseverant, never giving up
proteger to prtect
prudent(e) cautious
rebellion rebellion
reussir to succeed
sagesse wisdom
se faire de soucis to worry
se lancer des defis to set yourself challenges
sensible sensitive
significance meaning
suivre to follow
travailleur(-euse) hard-working
vif(vive) lively
volonte will(power)
a travers across
avenir future
embarrasse(e) embarrassed
gene embarrassment
s'imaginer to suppose
scene scene
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