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UB 26 Stengthens lumbar regions and regulates lower jiao
UB 27 Back Shu Point of SI, Helps separate clear from turbid, regulates SI qi, drains turbid dampness/clears damp heat (inflammation),
UB 28 Back Shu Point of UB, Regulates UB (incontinence/retention), Clears damp heat from lower jiao (UTI), Dispels stagnation/masses (stones, cysts), Benefits lumbar region/legs
UB 29 Dispels Cold and stops Diarrhea, Treats Orchitis/Epidydimitis/Urethritis, Benefits Lumbar region
UB 30 Treats problems of anus (anal sphincter)/incontinence/orchitis, Regulates menstruation, Stops leucorrhea/seminal emissions (affecting nervous structures)
UB 31 Regulates lower jiao: facilitates urination/defecation, menstruation and stops leukorrhea (menses/infertility), Urinary tract spasms, UTI
UB 32 BEST for Urinary (urination/defecation) and Reproductive systems (metrorrhagia/leukorrhea/infertility/uterine prolapse/muscle spasms)
UB 33 BEST for LBP, Treats Extreme Exhaustion, Regulates Menstruation/Leucorrhea, urination, defecation
UB 34 BEST for Defecation or intestines (diarrhea, bloody stool), Regulates Menstruation/Leucorrhea/urination/defecation, genitals (swelling/pain of vagina/testicles)
UB 35 Benefits Coccyx, Treats hemorrhoids, Clears damp heat, Regulates lower jiao (diarrhea/dysentery/itchy, sweaty genitals)
UB 36 Treats posterior sciatic pain, relaxes sinews (hamstrings), regulates lower jiao/alleviates pain, Treats hemorrhoids
UB 37 Lumbar/Leg/Sciatic pain
UB 38 Relaxes sinews and alleviates pain, clears heat and soothes contraction, Treats nephritis/enuresis
UB 39 Lower He Sea Point of the San Jiao, responsible for energetic transformation of UB channel, Harmonizes San Jiao and regulates urination, Treats pericarditis, osteophytes on heel, constipation
UB 40 He Sea (Earth), Treats back pain when vein prominent (divergent channel to paraspinal muscles, regular channel), sciatic pain, knee pain, hemorrhoids, diarrhea, vomiting -Cools blood, clears damp summer heat (UTI), Benefits bladder
UB 41 Expels wind and cold (stiff back), activates channel, alleviates pain (shoulders)
UB 42 Nourishes/Tonifies LU jing (skin, loss of smell, Po), Soothes dyspnea, cough, asthma, hypertonic rhomboids
UB 43 Outer Back Shu of PC, Tonifies/Nourishes LU, HT, KD, SP/ST, Yin, Blood (Anemia) and clears heat, Activate energies of heart connections w/ other organs, Calms spirit, Foster Yuan qi,
UB 44 Outer Back Shu of HT, Nourishes HT Jing (blood vessels-varicose veins, speech-post stroke, Shen), Bronchitis
UB 45 Outer Back Shu of Du Mai, Expels wind, clears heat, descends LU qi, Invigorates qi and blood,
UB 46 (rarely used) Regulates Diaphragm (regulates rhythm/movement), Benefits middle jiao/descends rebellion (nausea, vomiting)
UB 47 Outer Back Shu of LV Nourishes LV Jing (tendons/ligaments/muscles-strains+sprains, vision, Hun), Spreads LV qi and relaxes sinews
UB 48 Outer Back Shu of GB, Regulates GB and clears damp heat (hepatitis, jaundice), PSE: Correct judgement/decision-making
UB 49 Outer Back Shu of SP, Nourishes SP Jing(muscle/dermis-weight loss w/ moxa, taste-appetite, yi-logical processes), Clears damp heat (cholecystitis, hepatitis)
UB 50 Outer Back Shu of ST, Harmonizes middle jiao (~regulate GI: gastritis, digestive problems in infants w/ moxa)
UB 51 Dispels stagnation (epigastric pain, constipation) and benefits breast (mastitis)
UB 52 Outer Back Shu of KD, Nourishes KD Jing (bones/marrow-osteoporosis/bone healing, hearing, zhi/divine will-be the best you can be), Tonifies KD/benefits essence, regulates urination
UB 53 Benefits lumbar/sacral region (sciatica), regulates lower jiao (urination, constipation)
UB 54 Benefits lumbar region (sciatica), regulates urination (kidney reabsorption, , treats hemorrhoids (point towards anus), harmonizes function btw PC and sexual organs
UB 55 Activates channel/alleviates pain (sciatica, calf pain), stops uterine bleeding (menorrhagia), genital pains, (constipation, obstruction/insufficient urination, hemiplegia/paraplegia)
UB 56 Relaxes sinews (Calf/Foot/Heel (Plantar fasciitis d/t tight gastrocnemius) pain, LBP)
UB 57 Relaxes sinews (Calf/Heel/Lower back pain-sciatica), hemorrhoids, tetanus
UB 58 Luo Connecting point, Harmonizes upper and lower-KD anchors yang of UB, balancing its deficiency, Expels wind from taiyang channel, Hemorrhoids, Nasal congestion/Epistaxis
UB 59 Xi Cleft Point of Yang Motility Vessel (Qiao Mai), Benefits Lumbar region/Legs, Helps detox, Trigeminal neuralgia
UB 60 CI: Pregnancy (promotes labor), Jing River (Fire), Clears heat and lowers yang (reduce inflammation for LBP, pruritis), Increase heat if pain d/t Bi syndrome (cold)
UB 61 Relaxes sinews, alleviates pain (heel)
UB 62 Confluent point of Yang Motility Vessel (Qiao Mai), pacifies interior wind/expels exterior wind, Calms spirit (epilepsy), Benefits head/eyes, Alleviates Back Pain, Insomnia (w/ KD6 transferring yang to yin energy), Hot flashes/night sweats
UB 63 Xi Cleft Point of UB Channel, Treats hot flashes and night sweats of menopause
UB 64 Yuan Source, Clears head/eyes, Pacifies wind (Shan d/o-contractions of involuntary muscles [bladder]), Moderates acute conditions, Stiffness/pain
UB 65 Shu Stream (Wood), Clears head/eyes/heat, dissipates swelling
UB 66 Ying Spring (Water), Clears head/heat, Descends LU and ST qi (removes obstruction of too much qi rising)
UB 67 CI Pregnancy (turns fetus w/ moxa/facilitates labor), Jing Well (Metal), Expels wind and clears head/eyes
Created by: phdinh33