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Computer Terms 499

Computer terms

Boot Sector A boot sector is a part of a hard drive that contains data to boot the operating system.
Dithering A process that uses digital noise to smooth out colors in digital graphics and sounds in digital audio.
Intranet Internal or private network.
Whitelist A list of items that are granted access to a system.
Bit Smallest unit of information processed by a computer.
Compression A technique that reduces the size of the file.
Database An electronic list of information that can be sorted and searched.
Ethernet A protocol for fast communication and file transfer.
Freeze A computer error that causes the cursor to lock in place.
Partition A subdivision of a hard drives surface that is defined and used as a separate drive.
Server A central computer dedicated to sending and receiving data from other computers on a network.
Installer Program used to install a program.
Gigabyte 1024 Megabytes
Megabyte 1024 Kilobytes
Kilobyte 1024 Bytes
Hard Drive A large capacity storage device made of multiple disks housed in a rigid case.
Download To transfer data from one computer to another.
Compiler A program the converts programming code into a form that can be used by a computer.
Bug A programming error that causes a program to behave in an unexpected way.
Alias An icon that points to a file.
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