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Lesson 11-20 tsd

True or False: You press the pagedown key for a hand return False
True or False: Press the tab key twice to leave a blank line between drill lines. False
True or False: Leave one space before or after the diagonal or slash, as it is sometimes called. False
True or False: The space key is used to move the insertionpoint to a preselected point or stop. False
True or False: Press the shift key to type a word or words in all Capitol letters. False
True or False: Typing speed is measured in words a minute True
True or False: You key the word "pie" by using keys on the third row of the keyboard. True
True or False: To key "Y", you reach your "F" finger up and right. False
True or False: You use the same finger to key "B", "T", and "Y". False
True or False: The Caps Lock key words only on letter keys. True
When determoning speed, a partial line... a) does not count b) counts as a single word c) is counted by the number of 5-stroke words d)none of the above is counted by the number of 5-stroke words
The insertion point appears... a)as a dash at the upper left portion of the screen b) where text will be entered c) on the horizontal scroll bar d) on the vertical scroll bar where the text will be entered
When typing, place the thumb of your writing hand... a) about 1/2 inch above the space bar b) on the edge of the keyboard c) on your desktop or keyboard tray d) under the four finger of that hand about 1/2 inch above the space bar.
Use the _____ finger to type "E" a) "A" b) "J" c) "D" d) "S" "D"
The right shift key is used to capitalize letters typed... a)with the left hand b)using th home row keys c)with the right hand d)anywhere on the keyboard With the left hand.
When typing your hands should be... a)flat over the entire keyboard b)flat over the home row keys. c)sharply curved over the top row keys d)slightly curved over the home row keys slightly curved over the home row keys.
Use tab key to... a)indent paragraphs b)leave a blank line c)capitilize letters d)insert puncuation indent paragraphs
The period and comma are... a) both keyed with the "K" finger b) both keyed with the "L" finger c) both keyed with Left Shift d)keyed with two different fingers on the right hand keyed with two different fingers on the right hand
Which of the following should you NOT do while keying? a) on keep your eyes on the screen b) lean your hands on the keyboard c) curl your fingers slightly d) keep your wrists straight keep your wrists straight
The letters "A" "S" "D" "F" are... a) on the home row b) right-hand keys c) keyed by using Left Shift d) all of the above. on the home row
Created by: SkyelynHenderson