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My Brother S

Vocabulary 1-60

garrison fortified body of troops
vicious evil
treason betrayal of allegiance
agitators troublemakers
inscription written dedication
sloth laziness
lasciviousness inclined to want
subversion act of destruction/overthrow
vile wretchedly bad
wrathy angry-regretful
cordial pleasant
gaudy showy without taste
clambering climbing with effort
commissary officer of providing provisions
ciphering arithmatic
apprentice learner of a trade
speculating taking a risk
rushing weaving
shilling British money
cholera digestive tract disease
consumption wasting disease like TB
holystoning rubbing sandstone
regiment unit of ground forces
recalcitrance disobedience
plundering violently robbing
grimaced made an ugly face
forage search for food
retaliates seeks revenge
sedition disloyal to one's country
moored secure ( a ship)
negotiated compromised
seining fishing with a large net
ambush surprise attack
depreciation lessening of value
pigheaded stubborn
hedgerows rows of bushing forming a hedge
vangaurd front part of an army
swaggering defiant strutting
commotion disturbance
fusillade rapid fire or firearms
cantering galloping
trainband English trained band of soldiers
enlistment period of time to enroll in forces
epidemic outbreak of disease
exchequer treasury
adjudtant assistant officer
unscrupulos dishonest
compunction regret,remorse
populace common people
decisive deciding
mutiny revolt/rebellion
foreboding a prediction,especially of evil
defection desertion
curt rudely brief
court-martialed military leaving
execute kill by shooting, hanging, beheading
compulsory absolutely necessary
clemency act of mercy or leniency
commemorate to remember
domination ruled
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