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appeal on senses Imagery
sounds and listening Alliteration
repeating vowl sounds Assonance
repeating continets sounds Consonance
Using like or as towards something Simile
direct comprosine Metaphor
Getting human abilty to do something Personification
14 line poem with specific rhymes and rythm of symbles sonnet
2 line rhymed poetry often found. the end of a shake spere Couplet
unrhymed poetry with lines of varying length Free Verse
But also take a shape. Concrete Poetry
a reference to something outside the piece of writting itself. Allusion
A formal poem praising and glorifying a person, place, or thing like music and poetry Ode
Mourning, honoring the dead Elegy
Poem in 3 lines, 5,7,5, syllables designed to give an image with thoughts Haiku
long narrative poem written in grand Epic
an object that stands for something greater than itself Symbol
is a narrative poem that tells a story and is often sung Ballad
different words that sound the same. Rhyme
words emitat words in real life Onomatopoeia
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