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Computer Hard.Chap 9

Key Terms for Computer Hardware Chapter 9 (Stack 1)

Whats a Biometric Device? An input device that inputs biological data about a person, which can be input data to identify a person’s fingerprints, handprints, face, voice, eye, and handwritten signature.
Whats a chip creep do? A condition in which chips loosen because of thermal changes.
COM1 (Communications port 1) is another name for a.... Another name for a serial port
What does a CRT (cathode-ray tube)do? A primary output device, which takes up a lot of desk space and costs less than a LCD (li quid crystal display) monitor.
What does a degauss button cause? A button on a CRT monitor that can be pressed to eliminate accumulated or stray magnetic fields around the monitor, which can cause a CRT monitor to flicker or have wavy lines.
What does a DVI-I port do? A port supporting both analog and digital signals.
What does a dxdiag.exe command do? A command to display information about hardware and diagnose problems with DirectX.
What is a ECP (Extended Capabilities Port) used for? A bidirectional parallel port mode that uses a DMA channel to speed up data flow.
How does Energy Star go Green in a way? Energy Star systems and peripherals have the U.S. Green Star, indicating that they satisfy certain energy conserving standards of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), sometimes called the Green Standards.
What kind of Port is an EPP (Enhanced Parallel Port)? A parallel port that allows data to flow in both directions (bidirectional port) and is faster than original parallel ports on PCs that allowed communication only in one direction.
Whats FireWire a common term for? A common term for IEEE 1394.
What kind of panel is being used in an flat panel monitor ? A desktop monitor that uses an LCD panel.
What does the dock do for the hard drive dock ? A dock that will house and protect a hard drive outside the computer case.
What does the HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) do for video and audio? The latest digital audio and video interface standard. It is not widely available on video cards or motherboards, but is expected to ultimately replace DVI. HDMI is currently used on televisions and other home theater equipment.
What does a hub do for cables? A network device or box that provides a central location to connect cables.
Whats iLink another term for? Another term for IEEE 1394.
What was a I/O controller card used for? An older card that can contain se rial, parallel, and game ports and floppy drive and IDE connectors.
What is an IEEE 1284 used for? A standard for parallel ports and cables developed by the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers and supported by many hardware manufacturers.
What is an IEEE 1394 used for? Standards for an expansion bus that can also be configured to work as a local bus. It is expected to replace the SC SI bus, providing an easy method to install and configure fast I/O devices. Al so called FireWire and iLink.
What is an IEEE 1394.3 used for? A standard, developed by the 1394 Trade Association, that is designed for peer-to-peer data transmission and allows imaging devices to send images and photos directly to printers without involving a computer.
What is the infrared (IR) transceiver used for? A wireless transceiver that uses infrared technology to support some wireless devices such as keyboards, mice, and printers. A motherboard might have an embedded infrared transceiver, or the transceiver might plug into a USB or serial port.
Created by: shadowbob95