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Exam 1 - part 4


What does an erythropoetic progenitor cell compartment represent? A unipotential cell committed to differentiate into erythroid cells only
What does a cell require to commit to becoming an erythrocyte? Erythropoietin
What are the 2 progenitor cells in erythropoiesis? BFU-E and CFU-E
BFU-E stands for what? Burst forming unit - erythroid
What does CFU-E stand for? Colony forming unit - erythroid
What progenitor cell represents the most primitive erythroid progenitor cell? BFU-E
Which erythroid progenitor cell is more sensitive to erythropoietin? CFU-E
What acts in synergistic action on EPO to induce proliferation and differentiation of a CFU-E? IL-3 and GM-CSF
CFU-E is a precursor to what? Pronormoblast
What is the first precursor cell to be morphologically distinguished as a forming RBC? Pronormoblast
A RBC grows (smaller or larger) as it matures? Smaller
As a RBC grows, nuclear chromatin (expands or condenses)? Condenses as heterochromatin
What are the 5 stages of maturation before a RBC becomes a mature erythrocyte? 1. Pronormoblast 2. Basophilic normoblast 3. Polychromatophilic normoblast 4. Orthochromatic normoblast 5. Polychromatophilic erythrocyte
Each pronormoblast gives rise to a potential of how many mature RBC? 16
How long does the maturation process in the bone marrow take? 5 to 7 days
Polychromatophil erythrocytes circulate for approximately how long before maturation is completed? 24 -48 hours
What is the life cycle of a mature RBC? 120 days
What happens to senescent erythrocytes? They are removed from circulation by splenic macrophage phagocytosis.
Erythropoietin hormone comes from what gland? The endocrine gland
Where is erythropoietin synthesized? The kidney
Erythropoietin is released from the kidney in response to (increased or decreased) oxygen tension? Decreased
A cell must possess what in order to respond to EPO? An EPO receptor
Which developing stage of erythropoiesis does not have an EPO receptor? Polychromatophillic erythrocyte
What 3 growth factors play a role in erythropoiesis? Erythropoietin, IL-3, and GM-CSF
What does GM-CSF stand for? Granulocyte/monocyte colony stimulating factor
What is IL-3 produced by? Activated T-cells (TH1 & TH2)
GM-CSF is produced by ______ & _______? T-cells and endothelial cells
GM-CSF promotes (proliferation or differentiation) in the presence of (EPO or IL-3) Proliferation; EPO
The rate of erythropoiesis is governed by what? The rate of oxygen transport to the tissues
What 4 things does oxygen transport to the tissues depend on? 1. Concentration of hemoglobin in the blood 2. Cardiac output 3. Oxygen saturation of hemoglobin 4. Hemoglobin's affinity of oxygen
EPO production is affected by what 4 hormones? 1. Testosterone 2. Glucocorticoids 3. Thyroxine 4. Growth hormone
The hormones which affect EPO production have a direct or indirect relationship with EPO? Direct
What is effective erythropoiesis? How do we measure this? A representation of the number of viable, functional RBC's available; reticulocyte count
What is total erythropoiesis? How is it measured? A representation of erythroid precursors in the bone marrow; myeloid:erythroid ratio as well as bone marrow cellularity
What is a normal myeloid:erythroid ratio? 3:1
How do we measure ineffective erythropoiesis? Total erythropoiesis - effective erythropoiese
As a mature RBC, the nucleus contracts as chromatin condenses into a functionless _________ which is finally extruded. pyknotic mass
Does a mature RBC contain protein synthesizing organelles and mitochondria? No
The stage of erythrocyte accumulates a full complement of hemoglobin. A mature erythrocyte
Created by: AshleySchutz