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CSC-211 Test 2

Ch 3-5 Vocab

Parameters Sending values to methods (formal/actual)
Actual Parameters Appear in calling statement; values passed in. Must match formal parameters in number, order, and type.
Formal Parameters Appear in the heading of the method definition; the variables asked for and type. Must match actual parameters in number, order, and type.
Local Variables Get memory only when the method is called; memory is recycled when the method is over.
Non-void Methods Methods that return values (1 or more); uses data type in place of "void" in method heading.
Math Constants Math.PI, Math.E
Math Methods Math.abs(int), Math.max(int, double), Math.min(int, double), Math.pow(double, double), Math.sqrt(double), Math.round(int).
Method Signature Method name along with its number and types of parameters (name & parameter list).
Method Overloading Methods having the same name but different signatures (i.e. abs, max, min of math class; substring of String class).
String Class Defining String objects and using String methods (i.e. length, indexOf, substring, charAt).
Scanner Class Defining a Scanner object for keyboard input and using Scanner methods (i.e. next, nextLine, nextInt, nextDouble) and using a PROMPT (print statement) prior to input. Scanner console = new Scanner(System.in);
Import Statements Used to access classes in a specific Java package (import java.util.*; or input java.awt.*;).
Printf Statements To output a real number with a specific number of decimal digits or spaces. (%f- real number, %d- integer, %s- string, %w- width)
Java Coordinate System PIXELS are units in the grid. DrawingPanel
DrawingPanel class panel.setBackground(Color.
Graphics Class Graphics g = panel.getGraphics();
if and if/else Statements Used for conditional execution.
Relational Operators Simple conditions (i.e. ==, !=, <, >, <=, >=).
Evaluation Conditions (boolean expressions) Legal conditions always evaluate to either true or false.
Logical Operators Multiple conditions (i.e. &&, ||, !)
Order of Operations Math operators - Relational operators - Logical operators
Created by: jamiechristian11