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West civ 1650-

Exam one

Professor at Cambridge, gravity, calculus, Principia Isaac Newton
Philosopher, founding father, wrote Second Treatise on Government John Locke
Thomas Hobbes
Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Denis Diderot
Adam Smith
Mary Wolstonecraft
Reason, logic, criticism & freedom of thought over dogma, blind faith and superstition. Themes for the Enlightment
From Poland, worked on a theory for 25 years, On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres Nicolas Copernicus
From Denmark, data for the solar system Tycho Brahe
The laws of planetary motion Johann Kepler
Telescope,mountains on the moon, moons around Jupiter, wrote The Starry Messenger, condemned by the church. Galileo Gallilei
Inductive reasoning & Scientific method Francis Bacon
Accepted only what his reason said was true, "I think, therefore I am," analytic geometry Rene Descartes
Dissected bodies, heart the center, wrote a textbook Vesalius
Foundations of modern chemistry Robert Boyle
Used the microscope, bacteria Antoni Leeuwenhoek
Astronomer,discovered comets Maria winkelmann
Logarithms Sir John Napier
Hermetic Doctrine
Joseph Addison
Pierre Bayle
Emilie du Chatelet
Joseph II
Created by: Msmlb_93
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