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A Midsummer Night's

Acts I and 2 vocabular

nuptial marriage; pertaining to marriage
wanes fades; vanishes
dowager widow who enjoys assets of her deceased husband
steep to plunge
pert lively
mirth merry-making; festivity
melancholy sadness
pomp ceremony
revelling celebrating
vexation agitation
gawds trinkets
sweetmeats fruits preserved with sugar
livery clothing or uniform
cloister a convent or monastery
avouch to declare
dote to idolize; to be infatuated
extenuate lessen or change
belike probably
beteem to give
tempest a storm
ere before
edict a law; a declaration
lode stars guiding stars, such as the north star
hawthorn a flowering shrub
bated excepted
primrose a common wildflower of varying color
wont accustomed
counsel inmost thoughts
errs goes astray
transpose to change
beguiled tricked; cheated
waggish playful
forswear to swear falsely
thither there
interlude short play or period of entertainment between main shows
condole to lament
bellows a flexible chamber used for producing a current of air, as for drafting a fire
devices plans
favors gifts
anon soon
sheen shining
dewlap the fold of skin on the neck
forsooth certainly
margent an edge; a border
want lack
rheumatic of coughs, colds, flu, etc.
hoary white or aged
odorous fragrant
progeny descendents
gait walk
chide to fight
promontory high ridge
dulcet sweet sounding
adamant a stone with magnetic properties
draw to attract
impeach to call into question
anoint to smear; to moisten
cankers worms; grubs
offices duties; purposes
aloof distant physically or emotionally
sentinel a guard
troth truth
tarry to wait
beshrew to curse
churl a villain
dissembling deceitful
glass a mirror
marshal a person who directs or ushers guests at an event or ceremony
keen sharp
surfeit an overabundance
swoon to faint
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