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MLT Micro 1

Catalase test test for enzyme production that bacteria have. the H202 will for H20 alone. Differentiation between staph and strep
Coagulase test Rabbit Plasma with bug cause clot formation. Slide test: S aureus,ludgunenis,schleiferi S. intermedeus and S schleiferi can also cause postitive reactions. But mostly used to screen for S. aureus Note: some staph can develop staphylokinase: cause False
Pyr Test Detects the EZ L-pyrrolidonyl arylamidase. Colony placed on felt paper enhanced with PYR and Positive is indicated by Red. DMACA p-dimethylaminocinnamaldehyde S. pyogenes and Enterococcus sp. Also Differentiate btween. S. aureus and S. Ludgenensis
Bile Solubility Test Colonies of S. pneumoniae are soluble in sodium deoxychelate. In bile @37C colonies autolyse within 30 min and disappear.
Hippurate Hydrolysis Detects hippuricase enz. Hydrolyzes hippurate to glycine and benzoic acid. Helps Diff between other strep except Group B (+) for H/H and C. Jejuni from other campylobacter POS= PURPLE after addition of ninhydrin
Oxidase Test Tetramethyl-p-phenylenediamine dihydrochloride detects cytochrome oxidase in electron transport system causeing a Purple Reaction in 15-30 MIN.
Indole Test Detects tryptophanase tryptophan producing bugs. Spot indole DMACA= BLUE Erlrich=RED Kovacs= Bright pink Erlrich more sensitive but requires extraction by xylene
urease test urease breaks down urea to NH3. colony added to urea agar or slant and if + BRIGHT PINK.
TSI "triple sugar agar" shows patter of glucose, lactose, sucrose fermentationin addtion to H2S and Gas Phenol red to indicate Acid(yellow) Alkaline(red)
K/K Nonfermenter not Enterobacteriaceae
K/A Nonlactose and Nonsucrose Fermenter, GLUCOSE Fermenter
A/A Lactose, Sucrose, Glucose Fermenter
Black H2S Gas Detects enzymes that produce Hydrogen Sulfide H2S reacts with Iron Saltsin medium to form black precipitate of Ferrous Sulfide
IMViC(Indole,Methyl Red, Vogues Proskauer, and citrate) Indole: Tryptophanase detection Methyl Red: PH indicator , Yellow (ACID and GLucose) Red is Negative VP: DX. of GLU->acetoin (RED) = POS citrate: Test to see if carbon is the sole carbon source. (BLUE)is +
ONPG(o-nitrophenol-B-D-galactopyranoside) To detect the precence of B-galactosidase, an enzyme that Cleaves ONPG and LACTOSE. Also used to test late lactose fermenters. (YELLOW) + reaction
Nitrate Reduction Test Positive test dx. ability of an organism to reduce nitrate to nitrite or N03 to N02.After addition of NN-D-a-namine..pink is Positive. If no color, Add ZINC...turns pink its true NEG. Stays Yellow or NO Change is a TRUE Positive indicating N03 reduced
Staph Aureus Catalase Positive, Coag Positive, Bet-hemo, GPC Clusters, TSST-1 enterotoxin. Latex agglutination+ for protein A. PYR NEG. MSA 7.6% POS.
Coag Neg Staphylococcus S. saprophyticus- UTIs and NOVOBIACIN RESISTANT S. Lugdenensis-PYR POS, Ferments Mannitol, Cause Endocarditis
Micrococcus Normal flora of skin and mucouse, Cause infection in immunosuppressed. YELLOW on SBA
S. Pyogenes Catalase NEG, GPC chains and pairs, Strep Throat, post strep glomerulonephritis, necrotizing fascitis, and rheumatic fever Susceptable to A disc(bacitracin) small big beta-hemo, M- protein inhibits phago properties and antibodies.
hyaluronic capsule- protect from phago streptokinase- dissolve clots Streptolysin O,S- lyse rbcs, plateles and polys. S. pyogenes
MAC mackonkey agar Lac+ colonies PINK Lac- colonies COLORLESS
EMB agar Eosin-methylene blue Lac Fermenters: DARK CENTER Lac NONfermenters: COLORLESS
HE agar Hektoen enteric LAC/SUCR Fermenters: YELLOW/SALMON ORANGE Salmonella: Green and BlACK CENTER "H2S POS" Shigella: GREEN
XLD agar Xylose-Lysine-desoxycholate LAC/SUCR fermenters: YELLOW Salmonella: RED with BLACK CENTER "H2S POS" Shigella: CLEAR
Salmonella-Shigella (SS) agar Lac Fermenters: RED Colonies Salmonella: Colorless and BLACK CENTER Shigella: Colorless
Bismuthe sulfite agar Salmonell TYPHI: Black Colonies Lactose Fermenting colonies: Yellow-Orange
Brilliant Green agar Proteus/Salmonella: red-pink colonies Shigella/Lac fermenters: NO Growth
Beta Lactams Action: Inhibit Cell Wall Synthesis Use: Methicillin for penicillin res-staph
Glycopeptides Action: Inhibit Cell Wall Synthesis Use: Clostridium difficile and for MRSA
Aminoglycosides Action: Inhibit Protein Synthesis. Acts on 30S subunit Use: With Penicillin for Enterococcus
tetracyclines Action: Inhibit Protein Synthesis Acts on 30S subunit Drugs: Tetracyline Doxycycline Note: can cause superinfection of Yeast and can effect bone and teeth in children
Chloramphenicol Action: Inhibit Protein Synthesis Acts on 50S subunit Can cause Aplastic Anemia Use:
Macrolides Action: Inhibit Protein Synthesis Acts on 50S subunit Clindamycin use for GP+ and GP- ANAEROBES Use:
Quinolines Action: Inhibits nucleic acid synthesis Use: Psuedomonas and other aerobes
Sulfa Drugs (Sulfonomides) Action: Intermediate of Folic Acid synthesis Use: UTI, used with trimethropin
Zones on agar TOO LARGE Inoculum too HEAVY,poor nutrition in medium Agar depth TOO THIN
Zones on agar TOO SMALL Inoculum too HEAVY Agar depth TOO THICK
Kirby Bauer Method Mueller Hinton Agar Depth: 4mm Physio conc.: CA++ and Mg++ PH:7.2-7.4 35C, Ambient air, 0.5 McFarland QC: E.Coli, Pseudomonas, S. aureus
BAP Purpose: Most fastidius bacteria, Determines hemolytic reactoins
Chocolate Purpose: Haemophilus and Neisseria sp; Enriched with Hemoglobin or Isovivlex
Phenylethyl Alcohol Agar "PEA" Purpose: G+ Cocci; G- Anaerobic Bacilli
Columbia Colistin Nalidixic Agar Purpose: Selects G+ Cocci
Martin Thayer Martin Agar "MTM" Purpose: Sterile sites, Back up for Anaerobes
Campy-blood agar Purpose: campylobacter
Thioglycolate Broth Purpose: Mycobacterium spp
Lowenjensen Agar Purpose: Mycobacterium spp
Middlebrook 7H10 Agar Purpose: Mycobacterium spp
Created by: 1clean92