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When did shakespeare die? April 23, 1616
When was shakespeare born? April 23, 1564
Where was shakespeare born? Stratford
During what era was shakespeare born? Renaissance (Elizabethan)
What was the name of Shakespeare's acting company? Lord Chamberlain's Men Acting Company
a poetic form that usually uses a metrical pattern known as unrhymed iambic pentameter blank verse
the use of a regular rhythm pattern in language meter
a concentrated and heightened form of language , produced through rhythm and sound poetry
the language of everyday, ordinary speech prose
a unit of speech that contains one unstressed syllable followed by a stressed syllable iamb
a poetic form that consists of five iams. iambic pentameter
Shakespeare's plays are primarily _______ verbal
Shakespeare used words to express the _____ and ____ of his drama setting; mood
Shakespeare used ____ to express the setting and mood in his drama words
mordern dramas are primarily ___ visual
Characters in a Shakespeare play are understood to be characters that _________ represent real people
Modern dramas suggest that everything is ____, including the places and people real
____ wrote The Poetics in which he spelled out his ideas on tragedy Aristotle
THE POETICS was a poem that spelled out his ideas on _____ tragedy
Aristotle described the stage life as an ____ illusion
Aristotle described tragedy as an _______ imitation of an action
Shakespear was influenced by _____ medieval art
___ was deeply symbolic medieval art
what was the globe theatre shaped like? O
tower attached to the roof penthouse
center area where groundlings watched the plays pit
stage of theater extended into audience with a _______ trapdoor in the middle
why were plays perfomed during the day? because there were no stage lights
where were many of shakespeare's plays first performed? at the globe theater
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