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Hardware Basics003

Megahertz One million cycles per second.
Cache Provides a temporary sorage area that provides a quick access to information.
Lumens The unit used to measure the brightness of a projector is lumens.
Parallel port These ports connect the computer to a printer.
Instructional software Software that uses tutorial, simulation, games, problem-solving and drills to teach.
Refreshable Braille display A line of text in braille format is formed by raised pinpoints under a membrane.
Switches An alternative to a keyboard, usually activated by movements.
Access options The type of technology used in schools.
Terabyte The current largest measurement of computer memory.
Peripheral device Inputs information, outputs the information into a form easily read by the use, and stores the information for later.
Optical character recognition (OCR) Converts text.
Interactive whiteboard A computer in a slate format.
Firewire (IEEE 1394) port Provides a very fast connection to transfer large amounts of data.
Storage devices Store data for later use and access.
Electronic pointing devices Allows user control of the cursor using various methods.
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