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Hardware Basics 0514

Jeff Torbert

RAM Memory that holds new data. You can only get to this memory when the computer is turned on.
Input Devices Allow input of data into computer. Some examples are keyboard, mice, graphic tablets, digital cameras, microphones, and scanners.
Tablet Computers Complete computers systems in a slate form.
Resolution Defines the clarity of the image that is scene on a computer screen.
Pixel Single colored square on the computer screen.
Dots Per Inch (dpi) This is how resolution is measured on a printer. The greater the number of dots the better the quality.
Storage Devices Allow a user to store data that they want to use at a later time.
Port An opening in the computer that connects external devices to the computer.
Application Software Allows your computer to carry out a specific function like word processing, data base creation, spreadsheet, etc.
Screen Magnifier Fit over the computer monitor and allow the images on the screen to appear larger or magnified.
Keyguard Hard plastic covers that have holes for each key. They are used so someone with unsteady fingers does not strike unwanted keys.
Moisture Guards These are thin sheets of plastic that protect the keyboard from spills or unwanted liquids.
Trackball An alternative to a mouse this device looks like an upside down mouse with a moveable ball on top of a stationary base.
Arm and Wrist Supports These stabilize the placement of arms, wrists, and hands. They are used to avoid pain and fatigue when using a keyboard or mouse.
Speech Output Software Used for blind students, this audibly speaks screen content and commands.
Created by: jetrmd