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Comp. Lit. Ch. 1&2

Computer A programmable, electronic device that accepts data input, performs processing operations on that data, and outputs and stores the results
Data Raw, unorganized facts
Application Software Programs that enable users to perform specific tasks on a computer, such as writing letters or playing games
Personal Computer A type of computer based on a microprocessor and designed to be used by one person at a time
Midrange Server A medium-sized computer used to host programs and data for a small network
Supercomputer The fastest, most expensive, and most powerful type of computer
Mainframe Computer A computer used in large organizations(such as hospitals, large businesses, and colleges) that need to manage large amounts of centralized data and run multiple programs simultaneously
Internet Service Provider A business or other organization that provides Internet access to others, typically for a fee
World Wide Web The collection of Web pages available through the Internet
Internet Address An address that identifies a computer, person, or Web page on the Internet, such as an IP address, domain name, or e-mail address
Bit The smallest unit of data a digital computer can recognize; represented by a 0 or a 1
Binary Numbering System The numbering system that represents all numbers using just two symbols (0 and 1)
Input Device A piece of hardware that supplies input to a computer
System Unit The main box of a computer that houses the CPU, motherboard, memory, and other devices
Motherboard The main circuit board of a computer, located insode the main system unit, to which all computer system components connect
Microprocessor A central processing unit (CPU) for a personal computer
Random Access Memory Chips connected to the motherboard that provide a temporary location for the computer to hold data and program instructions while they are needed
Pixel The smallest colorable area in an electronic image, such as scanned image, a digital photograph, or an image displayed on a display screen
Hard Drive The primary storage system for most computers; used to store most programs and data used with a computer
Modem A device that enables a computer to communicate over telephone lines
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