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Hardware Basics 0036

Chapter 2 Material

What is Random Access Memory (RAM)? Temporary memory that is designed to hold new data and is available only while the computer is turned on.
How many bytes are in a Kilobyte? 1,024 bytes or approximately 1,024 keyboard characters of information.
This is being implemented as an alternative to chalkboards and whiteboards in classrooms. Interactive whiteboards and other SMART technologies
How is monitor size measured? Diagonally from corner to corner on the screen.
How is the resolution on a monitor screen measured? it is measured in single colored squared called pixels.
What is the difference between ink jet printers and laser printers? Ink jet printers squirt small amounts of ink onto the paper, and laser printers affix the toner directly to the paper via a laser.
What is ROM? it is used to store the instructions that are installed or programmed at the manufacturer.
Approximately how much information can a CD-ROM store? It can store approximately 650 MB of information.
What are the advantages of Blu-ray discs? They can store more information than DVD discs and is used for high definition video and audio.
What is a screen magnifier used for? It is used for people who need low-level magnification to see the screen on the computer.
What is a braille translator used for? It is a device that converts text into Braille for the blind.
This is a handheld device that resembles a TV remote that allows students to respond to questions posed by the instructor. This is a classroom response system referred to as a clicker.
What does LCD and CRT stand for? LCD is liquid crystal display and CRT is cathode ray tube.
What is the difference in measuring an LCD screen and a CRT screen? CRT is measured including the casing around the screen and LCD is just measured by the screen.
How is the resolution of a printer measured? The resolution is measured in dots per inch (dpi).
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