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Liste of windows exe

Le Gestionnaire de package installe désinstalle configure et met à jour des fonctionnalités et des packages pour Windows Vista. "pkgmgr.exe [/params] [/n PARAMS]
The command is used to visually see a network packet being sent and received and the amount of hops required for that packet to get to its destination "tracert"
Enable Encryption on Vista (Windows Vista Enterprise and Ultimate editions) "BitLocker/Cipher"
Converts FAT volumes to NTFS "convert"
Displays or alters the encryption of directories/files on NTFS partitions "cipher"
The command is used to display or modify the checking of the disk drive using NTFS at boot time "chkntfs"
Displays or alters the compression of files on NTFS partitions "COMPACT [/C | /U] [/S[:dir]] [/A] [/I] [/F] [/Q] [filename [...]]"
Command to manually configure the routes in the routing table "route"
Allows you define power parameters "power(old)/powercfg (new)"
Similar to the tracert command this command provides users with the ability of locating spots that have network latency and network loss "pathping"
MS-DOS utility that enables a user to look up an IP address of a domain or host on a network "nslookup"
The command is used to display the TCP/IP network protocol statistics and information "netstat.exe"
MS-DOS utility that displays protocol statistics and current TCP/IP connections using NBT "nbtstat"
MS-DOS command that enables users to change network settings such as changing their network device from a dynamic address to a static address or changing the IP address "netsh.exe"
Allows you to determine the available used and free memory "MEM"
The command is an external command that allows a user to quickly terminate their session their computer from the command line or within a batch file "logoff"
Display the name of the machine the command is being run on "hostname"
Refreshes the local computers policy and any Active Directory-based Group policies "gpupdate"
The Windows command is used to take files that are compressed in a Windows Cabinet file and place it into a specified location on the hard disk drive "extract"
The command is use to take a compressed Windows file and "expand" it to its original format "expand"
The command is an early version of the MS-DOS edit command. While not as easy as the edit command "Edlin/copy con <name of file>"
Allows users to view the Windows minidump files created by Windows stops unexpectedly "Dumpchk"
Displays complete system information for Microsoft Windows XP Professional computers (Dispose d'un equivalent graphic) "systeminfo"
Allows a user running Microsoft Windows XP professional or Windows 2003 to kill a task from a MS-DOS prompt "tskill"
Utiliser l'utilitaire pour sécuriser la base de données du gestionnaire des comptes de sécurité de Windows "SysKey "
The utility helps you schedule tasks at the command line "SchTasks.exe The list of recognized parameters includes /Create /Delete /Query /Change /Run /End /Enable /Disable (http://technet.microsoft.com/fr-fr/library/cc772785%28WS.10%29.aspx)"
Outil de restauration de système (Pour XP uniquement mais dispo dans vista) "%WINDIR%\SYSTEM32\RESTORE\RSTRUI.EXE"
La calculatrice "CALC"
Table des caractères "CHARMAP"
Presse papier (Pour XP uniquement) "CLIPBRD"
Numérateur téléphonique de Windows "DIALER"
Editeur de caractères privés(Vista/Seven a confirmer) "EUDCEDIT"
Assistant transfert Bluetooth "FSQUIRT"
Outils:Internet Explorer "IEXPLORE"
Outils:Assistant de création des archives auto-extractibles "IEXPRESS.exe"
Outils:Nouveau journal (Pour Vista uniquement) "JOURNAL"
Outils:La loupe "MAGNIFY"
Outils:Centre de mobilité de Windows (Pour Vista uniquement) "MBLCTR.exe"
Outils:Transfert de fichiers et de paramètres Windows (Pour Vista uniquement) "MIGWIZ"
Outils:Windows Movie Maker "MOVIEMK"
Outils:Utilitaire de suppression de logiciel malveillant "MRT.exe"
Outils:Informations système (Version graphique) "MSINFO32.exe"
Outils:Paint "MSPAINT"
Outils:Assistance à distance Windows "MSRA.exe"
Outils:Connexion du bureau a distance "MSTSC"
Outils:Bloc-notes "NOTEPAD"
Outils:Clavier visuel "OSK"
Outils:Assistant de migration d'imprimante (Vista uniquement) "PRINTBRMUI"
Outils:Volet Windows (Pour Vista uniquement) "SIDEBAR"
Outils:Outil de vérification des signatures de fichiers "SIGVERIF"
Outils:Mélangeur de volume "SNDVOL.exe"
Outils:Outil capture d'écran (Pour Vista uniquement) SNIPPINGTOOL.exe
Outils:Magnétophone SOUNDRECORDER.exe
Outils:Pense-bête (Pour Vista uniquement) STIKYNOT
Outils:Panneau de saisie Tablet PC (Pour Vista uniquement) "TABTIP"
Outils:Gestionnaire des tâches Windows "TASKMGR.exe"
Outils:ouvre les contacts (Pour Vista uniquement) "WAB"
Outils:Outil de rapports et de solutions aux problèmes (Pour Vista uniquement) "WERCON"
Outils:Ouvre le calendrier Windows (Pour Vista uniquement) "WINCAL"
Outils:Ouvre le logiciel Microsoft chat en réseau (Pour Windows XP uniquement) "WINCHAT"
Outils:Permet la mise à niveau de Windows Vista "WINDOWSANYTIMEUPGRADE"
Outils:Ouvre la fenêtre pour connaître votre version Windows "WINVER"
Outils:Ouvre le traitement de texte d'ofice (si il est installé) "WINWORD"
Outils:Ouvre le lecteur Windows Media "WMPLAYER"
Outils:Ouvre le mini traitement de texte comparable au traitement de texte d'office "WRITE/Wordpad"
Outils:Ouvre l’outil de partitionnement (un peu lourd à manipuler) "DISKPART.exe"
Ouvre les options d’ergonomie (Pour Vista uniquement) "UTILMAN.exe"
If someone manages to take control of your computer he might recover deleted data from your HDD. this utilitie Enables you to secure your computer by wiping the data "Cipher.exe"
When typing in a simple text editor or on messenger you do not have access at special characters. To avoid looking for the desired character in older text files or starting an advanced word processor "charmap.exe"
Assistant de creation des archives auto-extractibles "iexpress.exe"
Assistant d'activation de Windows "slui.exe(Vista uniquement)"
Audio son Devices And Sound Themes Son "Microsoft.AudioDevicesAndSoundThemes"
Audio Son-Ouvre le melangeur de volume "SndVol.exe"
Centre de mobilite "mblctr.exe(Vista uniquement Uniquement dispo sur Portables)"
Centre de sauvearde "sdclt.exe/control.exe name Microsoft.BackupAndRestoreCenter"
Centre de synchronisation "mobsync.exe"
Clavier "control.exe keyboard"
Color Management "control.exe name Microsoft.ColorManagement"
Configuration systeme (Affiche les services les applicatins qui load system.ini config.sys etc) "msconfig.exe"
Connexions Reseau "control.exe netconnections"
Diagnostic Memoire "MdSched.exe"
Outils de diagnostic de directx "DXDIAG.EXE"
Gestion des comptes utilisateurs (Panneau de configuration->Compte utilisateurs) "control.exe userpasswords"
Gestion des comptes utilisateurs (Advanced) "control.exe userpasswords2"
Gestionnaire de peripherique-Device Manager "control.exe name Microsoft.DeviceManage"
Imprimantes "control.exe printers"
Information system generales "control.exe system / msinfo32.exe"
Magnetophone SoundRecorder.exe
Microsoft AutoPlay "control.exe name Microsoft.AutoPlay"
Microsoft Default Programs "control.exe name Microsoft.DefaultPrograms"
Options des dossiers control.exe folders
Options Internet Explorer "control.exe name Microsoft.InternetOptions"
Outil cmd de partitionnement "diskpart.exe"
Outil de preparation du systeme "SYSPREP(Vista uniquement)"
Outil de suppression de logiciel malveillant spyware virus MRT.exe
Panneau de configuration control
Souris control.exe mouse
Windows Update - Mise a jour wuapp.exe startmenu
Created by: dcrypto