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medical terminology


a-,an-, aseptic anoxia without, not. sterile; free of infection. Lack of oxygen.
ab-, abduct away from, to move away from the mid line
acro-, acromegaly extremity, disease marked by enlargement of the extremities
ad-, adduct to,toward, to move toward the mid line
ambi-, ambidextrous both, able to use either hand
ante-, antenatal before, occurring before birth; prenatal
anti-, antidote against, substance that neutralizes a poison
auto-, autoimmunity self, an immune response to one's own body tissues.
bi-, binocular two, double pertaining to both eyes
brady-, bradycardia slow, slow hear rate
circum-, circumduction around, circular movement of a limb at a ball-and-socket joint
c0-, coherent together, sticking together; logical
contra-, contraindication against, a condition that makes it inadvisable to use a certain form of treatment
de-, dehydration without, removal removal of water
di-, diatomic two, twice; having two atoms
dia-; dialysis through; separation of substances by passage through a semipermeable membrane
diplo-; diplopia double, two; double vision
dis-; disinfect removal, separation; remove infectious organisms from
dys-; dysmenorrhea abnormal,difficult,painful; painful menstruation
ecto-; ectopic outside; outside the normal position
aden/o; adenoma gland; a neoplasm of glandular epithelium
angi/o; angioplasty vessel; surgical repair of a blood vessel
arteri/o; endarteritis artery; inflammation of the lining of an artery
arthr/o; arthroscope joint; instrument for examining the interior of a joint.
audio/o; audiologist hearing; specialist in the study and treatment of hearing disorders.
bio; biopsy life; removal and examination of living tissue
blast/o; osteoblast immature form,growing form; a growing cell that produces bone tissue.
brachi/o; antebrachium arm; forearm
bronch/o; bronchogenic bronchus; originating in a bronchus
bronchi/o; bronchiectasis bronchus; chronic dilation of the bronchi
carcin/o; carcinogen cancer; agent that causes cancer
cardi/o; cardiomyopathy heart; any disease affecting the heart muscle
cerebro/o; cerebrospinal brain; pertaining to the brain and spinal cord.
cephal/o; hydrocephalus head; accumulation of excess cerebrospinal fluid in the brain
cervic/o; cervical neck, cervix; pertaining to the neck or cervix
chol/e; cholelithiasis bile; presence or formation of gallstones
cholecyst/o; cholecystectomy gallbladder; surgical removal or the gallbladder
chondr/o; endochondral cartilage; located or occurring within cartilage
cleid/o; cleidomastoid clavicle; pertaining to the clavicle and mastoid process.
col/o; colostomy colon; surgical formation of an opening between the colon and the surface of the body
colp/o; colpocele vagina; hernia into the vagina
-algia; gastralgia pain; pain in the stomach
-cele; cystocele tumor, hernia, swelling; hernia of the bladder
-centesis; paracentesis puncture,tap; surgical puncture of a cavity for removal of fluid.
-cide; bactericide killing; agent that kills bacteria
-ectasis; atelectasis dilation,stretching; incomplete expansion of the lungs
-ectomy; tonsillectomy excision; surgical removal of the tonsils
-emia; ischemia blood; insufficient blood supply to an area
-esthesia; anesthesia pertaining to sensation; loss of sensation
-form; cruciform shaped like; shaped like a cross
-gen; fibrinogen formation,producing substance in the blood that is converted to fibrin during blood clotting
-genic; cardiogenic origin; originating in the heart
-gram; echocardiogram record; record produced by echocariography
-graph; pneumograph recording intrument; instrument for recording the rate and depth of respiration
-graphy; radiography recording data; tha taking of x-ray picture
-iasis; helminthiasis condition; infestation of worms
-ism; embolism condition; blockage of blood vessel, usually by a blood clot
-itis; pericarditis inflammation; inflammation of the pericardium
-logy; etiology study; study of the origin of disease
-lysis; hemolysis separation,disintegration; rupture of red blood cells
-malacia; osteomalacia softening; softening of the bones
-megaly; splenomegaly enlargement; enlargement of the spleen
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