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Herb: QI Tonics

Qi Tonifying Herbs

What are the properties of Qi tonics? Sweet/ Warm or Sweet/ Neutral
What are the primary & secondary organ(s) that Qi tonics go to? Primary: Spleen & Lung Secondary: Stomach
Often Qi tonics are combined with herbs that ____________ move and regulate Qi
Ren Shen (A) (Ginseng) Sweet,sl.bitter,sl.warm/ Lu, Sp/1.Strongly tonifies primal Qi, qi,collapse after severe illness, SOB,cold limbs,profuse sweating 2.Tonifies Lu 3.Strengthen Sp&St 4.Generates fluid&stops thirst 5.Benefits Ht qi&calms shen 6.Nourishes blood 6.promotes Yang
What are the five organs that Ren shen benefits? Kidney, Lung, Spleen, Heart and Liver
What What are the herbs in Si Jun Zi Tang for Sp/St xu? Ren Shen, Bai Zhu, Zhi Gan Cao & Fu Ling
Which herbs are incompatible with Ren Shen? Li Lu and Wu Ling Zhi
What are the contraindication of Ren Shen? Heat syndrome(deficiency& excess heat), heat in the blood, hypertension, Liver yang rising, Children and young people with abundant Yang
Ren Shen is dried raw, and __________ is steamed & dired by heat and small thin root is called _______________. Hong Shen, Shen Xu
Dang Shen (A) Sweet, Neutral/ Lu,Sp*substitute for Ren Shen,less potent 1.Tonifies mid.jiao&augments Qi(Sp Qi Xu & collapse)2.Tonifies Lu Qi(chronic caugh,SOB,copious sputum) 3.Strengthen Qi &generates fluids 4.used w other herbs that release exterior or drain downward
What is the dosage for Dan Shen when it is used to substitute for Ren Shen? 2-3 times more than dosage of Ren Shen
Tai Zi Shen (C) Sweet,Bitter,Neutral/ Lu,Sp *Safe for children 1.Strengthen Sp,St w/ fatigue &lack of appetite 2. Lu Qi Xu w/ spontaneous sweating 3.Generates fluids
Huang Qi (A) (Astragalus) Sweet,Sl.warm/ Lu,Sp 1.Tonifies Qi &blood 2.Tonifies Sp& Raises Yang Qi of Sp&St(Sp Qi sinking-prolapse,bleeding disorder) 3.Strengthen Wei Qi& stabilizes exterior 4.Promotes discharge of pus&generates flesh 5.Promotes urination&reduces edema
Dry raw one is called Sheng Huang Qi and honey fried one is called ____ ____ Huang Qi. For tonifying effect, _________________ is more effective. Mi Zhi, Mi Zhi Huang Qi
contraindications of Huang Qi Early stage of sore, extrior pathogens at present, upper jiao heat(Wheezing, coughing)
Shan Yao (A) (Chinese Yam) Sweet, Neutral/ KD,Lu,Sp 1.Tonifies Sp/St 2.Tonifies &nourishes Lung Qi and Yin 3.Tonifies Kidney and binds essence (dizziness, soreness in lower back&knees,diabetes, astringing:bedwetting, diarrhea, spermatorrhea,vaginal discharge)
What is the dosage of Shan Yao for diabetes/ 60-240
Bai Zhu (A) Bitter,Sweet,Warm/ Sp,St 1.Tonifies Sp&augments Qi 2.Dries dampness& promotes urination(edema due to Sp qi xu,phlegm dampness due to Sp Yang xu)3.Stabilizes exterior& stops sweating(Spontaneous sweating, diarrhea,lukorrhea) 4.Calms fetus(due to Sp Qi xu)
Bai Bian Dou (A)(Hyacinth bean) Sweet, Neutral/ Sp,St 1.Strengthens Sp &transforms dampness (lack of app., chronic didarrhea w/loud growling,vaginal discharge due to Sp xu with dampness)-use dry-fried 2. Clears summer heat-use dry raw or fresh 3.Antidote (hang over, fish poisoning)
Da Zao (A) (Jujube) Sweet, Warm/Sp,St/ 1.Tonifies Sp&augments Qi (Sp Qi Xu) 2.Nourishes Qi and blood & calms the spirit(Ht Qi xu w/ Lv stagnation: irritability, crying, depression, insomnia)3.Moderates& harmonizes the harsh properties of other herbs(such as cathartics)
For "Restless organ Syndrome, Zang Zao Syndrome", what herbs are in the Gan Mai Da Zao Tang? Gan Cao, Da Zao, Xiao Mai(mature dry wheat)
Gan Cao (A)(Licorice Root) Sweet,Neutral/ all 12 channels but mainly Ht,Lu,Sp,St 1.Tonifies Sp(Sp Qi Xu, Qi&Blood Xu of Ht w/irregular pulse, palpitation 2.Moistens Lu&stops coughs 3.Clears heat&relieves toxicity 4.alleviates spasm&pain 5.Moderates other herbs
What kind of Gan cao is used for heart qi Xu? Zhi Gan Cao
For spasm of abdomen or legs, Gan cao is combined with ____________ to generates fluid Bai Shao
What could be the side effects of long term use of Gan Cao? salt retention, hypertension, excessive loss of potassium, headache, muscle paralysis, congestive heart failure
What are the three herbs not to be combines with Gan Cao? Jing Da JI, Gan Sui, Yuan Hua
Huang Jing (C)(Siberian Solomon's Seal) Sweet,Neutral/ Kd, Lu,St 1.tonifies Sp Qi 2.Nourishes Yin & moistens the Lung
what are two Qi-tonic herbs that go to Kidney channel and tonifies Yin as well as Qi? Shan Yao and Huang Jing
Yi Tang (A) (Malt Sugar) sweet, Sl.Warm/ Lu,Sp,St 1.tonifies Sp 2.tonifies middle Jiao& alleviates pain (abdominal pain due to cold from Sp/st deficiency accompanied by excessive salivation&diarrhea) 3.Moisten lungs and stops cough
Ci Wu Jia (C) (Siberian Ginseng) Acrid,Sl.Bitter,Warm/Sp,Ht,Kd 1.Tonifies Spleen 2.Warms Kidneys 3.Invigortes blood, unblocks collaterals (poor periphreal circulation w/ signs of blood stasis 4.Augments Heart Qi and calms the spirit
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