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vocab fun

com vocab

QuestionTablet ComputersAnswer
Tablet Computer A complete computer system in a slate format.
Interactive White Board Serve as same purpose as a black board but is connected to a computer captures everything written or drawn which can be later transferred to the computer.
Megahertz which equals one million cycles per second higher number listed faster the speed the data moves.
Scanner Input device that connects to a computer through a port connection, that allows conversion of a printed page of text or graphics to digital format.
Graphic Tablet Is also connected to a computer through a port connection the teacher or student draws on the electronic tablet with a stylus to transfer image to computer.
Stylus This is a pen shaped tool used on different electronics such as PDAs, graphic tablets and Nintendo DS.
Digital Camera Are filmless cameras that are able to put images directly into computers with an SLD chip or with special USB cord and software, depending on computer, most digital cameras can also shoot video.
Web Cam another video attachment for computer some attach some are built in such as a laptop. This allows you to record video to your computer they use this for video conferencing they can also take photos of whatever you point them at.
Classroom Response System (clicker) hand held device that looks like a TV remote that allows students to responds to questions posted by the instructor responses wirelessly sent shown for real-time or saved for later viewing.
Pixel this is a single color square on a screen when pixels are joined you can see an image if screen is 800 by 600 there are 800 columns of pixels.
Laser Printers this is a highest quality printer but was unaffordable which is now affordable.
PAC Mate this is a PDA that was designed for the blind or low - vision users. PDA stylus and screen is replaced with a choice of keyboards speech only
Sound Card allows the sound to come into the computer.
Application Software allows computer to carry out specific functions such as word processing.
Trackball Looks like an upside down mouse with a movable ball on top of a stationary base these are low cost simple to use mouses.
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