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Alaska Exam Question

Disable Brief -Route to appropriate door exits -Remain seated until main flow of customers has passed -How to assist without causing injury or pain
Jumpseat Rules -Only AS F/A's and inflight employees may use -Not permitted on charter flights -Must wear company ID at all times -May not consume alcohol within 10 hrs -No sleeping, digEplayers, seat belt extensions
What is EIB Emergency Interim Bulletin
What is sterile flight deck -Pushback through taxi and takeoff to 10,000 ft and from 10,000 ft through landing, taxi and block in -Communication is restricted to information regarding safe operation of A/C or emergency situations
When do you lock and unlock Lavs -Lock Lavs prior to takeoff and landing -Unlock after 10,000 ft and once aircraft has come to a stop at gate.
What is Deadheading -Arranged by Crew Scheduling -Check in at least one hour prior to scheduled departure -Check in at gate -Check in with A F/A during boarding, who will notify F/D -May wear non-rev clothes, sleep, use electronic devices -May be assigned to sit in jump
Uniform Rules -No drinking alcohol, chewing gum, smoke, may eat where alcohol is the primary item served unless there are no other eating places available, purchase alcohol.
Electronic Devices -Must be off for taxi, takeoff and landing -Portable electronic equipment may not be connected to A/C power supply -Can only use after 10,000 on takeoff and turned off before 10,000 ft till landing.
What is the minimum crew for a 800/900 4
What is the minimum crew for the 400/Combi/700 3
UM rules -Must wear UM sticker -A F/A must inform other F/As of UM presence -Brief all Ums on safety aspects of A/C -Dont provide any medication without consent from MedLink -Deplanes forward always
Rules for sitting in the exit row -Have sufficient mobility, strength and dexterity in all limbs -Understands instructions -Have sufficient visual and hearing capacity to assess for danger -At least 15 -Not require a seat belt extension
Prohibited Electronic Devices Air purifier, cell phones, electronic smoking devices, electronic voice communications, radios, tv, remote controlled games or toys, GPS, bluetooth, handheld game consoles using wireless communication, handheld devices receiving a signal
A F/A Routine Duty -Must obtain Pre-Lim, brief with CSA and initial form
Preflight Responsibilities A-Set lights, music, F/D briefing, F/C galley and cabin B-Pre-flight all emergency equipment in both cabins, report to A F/A C-Set up bev cart drawers, ok galley, catering supplies and POS D-Assist other F/As
Boarding Stations A-Boarding door to class divider B-Row 6 to mid cabin C-Mid cabin to aft cabin D-F/C area E-Assist as needed
Prior to door closure duties -Lavs locked, galleys secure -Exit row briefing is complete -Bins are closed, bags stowed, curtain secure -Customers seated, seatbelts fastened -Tray tables up/locked, seat backs upright -Electronic equipment, cell phones off
Arming of doors A-R1 door and L1 door if no D B-L2 door C-R2 door D-L1 door
In air duties A-F/C and assist in M/C if time B- Galley C-Beverages D-Coordinate digEs, work front end of bet cart, trash p/u E & F- Rover
What happens at 18,000 ft -Pilots announce:"F/As please prepare cabin for arrival" -A F/A makes electronic device and WiFi Pa, checks time for 5 min 10,000 warning -F/As continue cabin pickup
What happens at 10,000 ft -Return F/C coats -Lock lavs, galleys secure -Secure Mesh Curtain Open -Finish cabin pick-up-all service items collected -Cabin safety check -Electronic equipment off and stowed _Play automatic Spanish landing ann if required when PA is complete
After landing and during taxi-in -F/As remain stated unless emergency -Customers must remain seated until A/C reaches gate and seatbelt sign is off -Landing Ann made after A/C has turned off the active runway
Min crew required for deplaning -1 for 400/Combi/700 -2 for 800/900
FAA Duty Limitations -Not more than 14 hrs of duty per day -At least 9 hours rest -24 hours off in 7 consecutive days
Alaska Airlines Duty Limitations -Not more than 10.5 hours of duty per day -At least 11.5 hours of rest -48 hours off
Created by: sweet2blea