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Business and Econ

Business 2nd ed.

What are organizations or individuals who try to earn a profit by providing products that satisfy people's needs? Business
What is a good or service with tangible and intangable characteristics that provide satisfaction? Product
Which is tangible? A good or service? Good
Which is intangible? A good or service? Service
What is the difference between what it costs to make and sell a product and what a customer pays for it? Profit
What are organizations that may provide good or services but do not have the fundamental purpose of earning profits? Non-Profit Organization
What are groups taht have a stake in the success and outcomes of a business? Stakeholders
What are the three major activities of business? Financial/accounting, marketing, managment
What are the three types of resources that we will be discussing? Employees, Financial, and natural resources
Pure capital has no gov't intervention
# to sell supply
# willing to buy demand
higher supply causes lower prices
What is economics? the study of how resources are distributed for the production of goods and services within a social system.
What are some natural resources? Air, water, oil, land, minerals, and forest. All of these things are not made by people.
What is human resources/labor? The physical and mental abilities that people use to produce goods and services
What is financial resources/capital? The fnds used to acquire the natural and hman resources needed to provide products.
What is an economic system? How a particular society distributes its resources to produce goods and services.
What is communism? A society of people without regards to class and own all the nation's resources. (Karl Marx)
What is socialism? An economic system in which the government owns and operates basic industries-- postal service, utilities, etc.
What is capitalism/free enterprise? An economic system in which individuals own and operate the majority of businesses that provide goods and services.
What is the free-market system/pure capitalism? All Economic dicisions are made without government intervention.
What are mixed economies? Elements from more than one economic system, which most nations operate on.
What is the equilibrium
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