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Unit 1: Video format

Video Format

ASF advanced streaming format - open file format for streaming multimedia files containing text, graphics, sound, video and animation for windows platform
AVI audio video interleave; video file format originally designed for Windows; can be compressed or uncompressed, depending on the codec used
Chroma key a technique for superimposing one video image onto another; most common chroma key colors are blue and green
DVD authoring the process of creating a DVD that will play in a DVD player
Firewire high speed interface that connects external devices; commonly known as IEEE1394; 1394A for PCs; 1394B for Macs
FLV flash video; video format used to deliver video over the Internet using Adobe Flash Player
MP4 mpeg 4; a compressed file format that can be used for audio or video; appropriate for streaming
MPEG A moving pictures expert group; standard for compressing digital video; universal standard for digital video
MOV movie; common multimedia format used for video commonly played in Quicktime
Pre-production the process of preparing all the elements of a video production, including planning, storyboarding, script writing, scheduling, props, camera angles and locations
Production the process of recording video
Post-production all phases of production following recording of video, i.e. capturing, editing, titling, exporting, etc
Tripod dolly a mobile tripod or a moving platform for the camera; allows for smooth camera movement and tracking shots
USB universal serial bus; standard hardware interface for attaching peripherals to a computer
Video conversion software software that will convert a video file from one format to another
Video editing software programs used to capture, edit, and manipulate video images, add effects, titles and music to create studio-quality video
VOB video object; movie data file from a DVD disc
WMV windows media video; compressed video format designed for Windows but also viewable on Macs
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