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IB Glossary - D

IB Glossary letter D

database management system (DBMS) A computer-based system for defining, creating, manipulating, controlling, managing and using databases.
data bus The pathway between memory or peripheral and processing unit that carries data for processing or data that has been processed.
data compression A method of reducing the size of data. All redundancy in the data is removed to reduce the storage needed or to speed up transfer. The data can be uncompressed back to its original state.
data integrity The correctness of data after processing,storage or transmission.
data member a data type that is a member of a class.
data packet Part of a transmitted message that is sent separately. Apart from containing a portion of the message it will have other data such as check digits, destination address and so on.
data protection Method of ensuring that personal data is correct and is not misused either by those holding it or others who have no right to access it.
data security Method of ensuring that data is correct, safe and cannot be read or changed by those who have no right to access it.
DBMS Database management system.
debugging tool A program used to detect, trace and eliminate errors in computer programs or other software.
defragmentation software An application that reads file segments from non-contiguous sections of a storage device and then writes the files to the same device in such a way that each file segment is contiguous.
digital data discrete data.
digital signature A digital code attached to an electronic message or document, which is unique and which can be used to authenticate the sender or owner. Most often used in electronic commerce.
direct access file A file organized in such a way that a calculation provides the address (location) of a record so that the record can be accessed directly. The records in the file may be ordered or unordered.
disk cache RAM set aside to speed up access to a hard drive. This may be part of the disk itself or may be incorporated in cache memory.
distributed processing A network in which some or all of the processing, storage and control functions, in addition to input/output functions are dispersed among its nodes.
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