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IB Glossary - C

IB Glossary letter C

cable Wire or glass fiber used to connect computers over a network. Copper (coaxial and twisted pair) and glass fiber (fiber optic cable) are the most common.
cache Part of the main store that is between main memory and the processor. It holds a copy of data and instructions that are likely to be used next by the processor and is hence faster than main memory.
character set A finite set of different characters that is complete for a given purpose, for example, the 128 ASCII characters.
check digit A digit added to numerical data that can be recalculated and hence used to check data integrity after input, transmission and so on.
check sum A sum generated using individual digits of a number and employed as an error-checking device.
class Combination of data and operations that can be performed on that data.
client desktop computer or terminal used to access a computer-based system.
client-server A network architecture in which a system is divided between server tasks performed on the instructions received from clients, requesting information.
collection A class designed to hold objects (referred to in the syllabus as data structure).
compiler A program that translates a source program into machine code that can be converted into an executable program (an object program).
computer-assisted software engineering The automation of well-defined methodologies that are used in the development and maintenance of products.
computer architecture The logical structure and functional characteristics of a computer, including the interrelationships among its hardware and software components.
computer program A sequence of instructions suitable for processing by a computer.
constructor method A method with the same name as the class that initializes the instance variables of an object of the class when the object is instantiated.
CRC cards Class, responsibility, collaboration cards. A design tool for classes that lists a class's name, its responsibilities and the classes with which it collaborates on an index card.
Created by: Stanman66