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IB Glossary - B

IB Glossary letter B

Back-up (file) A second copy of a file, to be used in the event of the original file being corrupted.
bar code A pattern of vertical lines distinguished from each other by width.
bar code reader An optical reader that can read bar codes.
base The basis of a notation or number system, defining a number representational system by positional representation. In a decimal system the base is 10.
batch processing A method of processing data in which transactions are collected and prepared for input to the computer for processing as a single unit, for example, payroll.
binary search A search in which, at each step of the search, the set of data elements is divided by two, until the searched element is found.
bit (b) Binary digit. The smallest unit of information for data storage and transmission. Each bit is considered to be either a "0" or a "1".
block the smallest unit of data that can be transferred between memory and backing store in one operation.
BMP An extension given to files in bitmap form.
bps Bits per second.
browser Generally used to give interactive access to information on the World Wide Web, retrieving web pages and displaying in a multi-media format.
bubble sort A sort in which the first two items to be sorted are examined and exchanged if necessary to place them in the specified order; the second item is then compared to the third (exchanging them if required), and so on until all pairs have been examined.
buffer A portion of storage used to hold input or output data temporarily.
bus The pathway used for sending signals between internal components of a computer.
bus topology A network in which all devices are connected to a common cable, known as the "bus".
Byte (B) A set of bits considered as a unit; it normally consists of 8 bits and corresponds to a single character of information.
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