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IB Glossary - A

IB Glossary letter A

A-D Converter Analog-Digital converter. A device for converting analog signals into digital once for subsequent computer processing.
address bus Pathway from memory to processing unit that carries the address in memory to and from which data is transferred.
algorithm An ordered set of well defined instructions to the solution of a problem in a finite number of steps.
ALU Arithmetic and Logic Unit
analog data The representation and measurement of the performance or behavior of a system by continuously variable physical entities such as currents, voltages and so on.
and the output of "and" is true if all statements are true, false if any statement is false.
applet (Java) A program that runs in the context of a browser.
application (Java) A program that runs when translated by a Java compiler.
archive Data that represents a record of data held and processed at a specific time, which is held off-line for future research or for legal reasons.
arithmetic and logic unit A part of the computer that performs arithmetic operations, logic operations and related operations.
array 1. an arrangement of data in one or more dimensions. 2. In programming languages, an aggregate that consists of data objects, with identical attributes, each of which may be uniquely referenced by indexing.
ASCII: American Standard Code for Information Interchange The primary encoding character set used in computers for textual data transfer between applications. The set uses eight bits for each character code, one of these bits being a check bit to verify the seven bits needed to represent one character.
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