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Tui Na

Gynecological Disorders

DiagnosisDifferentiating S/SxProtocolTreatment
Premature menstruation - SP Qi Deficiency excessive flow - pale & watery, palpitations, SOB, listlessness, weariness, empty/sinking feeling in lower abdomen, insensitivity to taste, T- pale w/thin, white fur, P- thready, weak not applicable (tonify)Invigorate Qi, conserve Blood
Premature Menstruation - Blood Heat Abundant loss of sticky, purple blood mixed w/clots, irritability, short tempter, bitter taste, dry stools, T: red w/thin yellow fur, P: stringy, rapid Press/push supraclavicular fossa; nip/knead PC 8; grasp PC 6/LI 11; roll/rub waist; knock/vibrate abdomen; press/knead chest; push/wipe ribs; revolve Dantian; stroke/caress head; grasp SP 6; knead UB 14/UB 15/UB 18/UB 19; pinch/grasp back; push/rub KD 1 (sedate)clear heat, cool blood, massage should be done after menstruation is complete
Delayed Menstruation - Blood Cold Scanty, pale menses; cold/pain in lower abdomen; desire to be warmed/pressed; pale complexion; T: pale w/thin white fur; P: deep, slow or tense not applicable (tonify) Warm meridians, disperse cold. Massage should be done prior to menstruation
Delayed Menstruation - LV Qi Depression Scanty dim menses; distension/pain in lower abdomen, fullness/heaviness in chest & ribcage; T: dim; P: stringy, uneven Dot/vibrate chest; lift/jerk abdomen; knock/vibrate abdomen; massage orifices; nip/knead GB 34; grasp/knead SP 6/SP10; revolve GB 30; knead/grasp UB 40; rub spine (Tonify) relieve depression, promote flow of qi, activate blood, regulate menstruation
Delayed Menstruation - Phlegm Clogging dizziness, heaviness in chest/epigastrium; morbid leukorrhea; abdominal mass; scanty menses w/sticky discharge; T: white,greasy fur; P: stringy, slippery N/A (tonify) Resolve phlegm, rectify qi, activate Blood, regulate menstruation
Irregular Menstruation - SP Deficiency Listlessness; lassitude; pale complexion; palpitations; SOB; cold limbs; edema; somnolence; desire to sleep; abdominal distention; desire to be pressed; loose stools; leukorrhea; T: pale w/white or greasy fur; P: moderate, weak N/A (tonify)Invigorate SP, benefit qi
Irregular Menstruation - LV Depression Heaviness/distension in chest & ribcage; distended pain in lower abdomen; belching; poor appetite; T: red fringe w/thin or slightly yellow fur; P: stringy N/A rectify qi, relieve depression, nourish blood, regulate menstruation
Irregular Menstruation - KD deficiency Scanty pale watery menses; dim complexion; vertigo-dizziness-tinnitus; soreness/weakness of waist & legs; empty, sinking feeling in lower abdomen; loose stools; frequent urination @ night; night sweats; dreaminess; T: pale w/thin fur; P: deep, weak N/A strengthen waist, invigorate KD, nourish Blood, regulate menstruation
Dysmenorrhea - Qi & Blood Deficiency Continuous pain in lower abdomen during/after menstruation; pale, watery menses; pale complexion; listlessness; tiredness; T: pale w/thin fure; P: deficient, thready N/A Invigorate qi, nourish blood
Dysmenorrhea - Qi Stagnation & Blood Stasis Distension/pain in lower abdomen before or during menstruation w/notable tenderness; reduced flow; purple w/mixed clots; relief w/clot discharge; headache; distending pain in breasts, chest, ribcage; T: purple w/petechiae at fringe; P: deep, stringy Knead REN 3/REN 4/SP 8/SP 10; dot/vibrate chest; knock/vibrate abdomen; deep-press/knead abdomen; knead UB 32; revolve GB 30; pull/grasp UB 40 promote qi flow, activate blood, eliminate stasis, relieve pain
Dysmenorrhea - Cold Damp Accumulation & Retention Cold pain in lower abdomen before or during menstruation involving back/waist; relief w/warmth; scanty, dim red menses w/clots; aversion to cold; loose stools; T: pale w/white or greasy fur; P: deep, tense Knead REN 6; revolve ST 25/GB 28; nip/knead GB 29; round-rub/revolve abdomen; knead/vibrate abdomen; dot SP 6; knead/revolve spine; revolve UB 31-34; knead/scratch collaterals; grasp UB 40 Disperse cold; eliminate dampness; resolve retention; relieve pain
Dysmenorrhea - LV/KD depletion & impairment Pale, scanty menses; vague pain in lower abdomen after menstruation; dizziness/tinnitus; soreness of back/waist; tiredness/weakness of legs & knees; T: pale red w/thin fur; P: deep, thready N/A Nourish and rectify LV-KD
Amenorrhea - Deficient LV/KD scanty, pinkish menses; gradual decrease; dim complexion; vertigo/dizziness/tinnitus; soreness/weakness of waist & knees; irritability; palm/soles heat; agitated fever; perspiration; T: red or pale w/minimal fur; P: thready, stringy, uneven N/A Invigorate LV/KD
Amenorrhea - Qi stagnation / Blood Stasis amenorrhea for several months; emotional depression; listlessness; anxiety; irritability; distension/fullness in chest & ribcage; distenstion/pain in lower abdomen; resistance to pressing; T: dim purple w/petechiae; P: deep, wiry, uneven knead REN 3&5; nip/knead LI 4, dot SP 10, press/knead chest; knock/vibrate abdomen; dot SP 6/LV 2; pull/grasp UB 40; pinch/grasp back; knead/scratch collaterals promote qi flow, activate blood, eliminate stagnancy, resolve stasis
Amenorrhea - Retention and obstruction of Phlegm-Dampness obesity, fullness & heaviness in chest/ribcage; nausea; vomiting; excessive sputum; weariness; feebleness; abundant leukorrhea; T: pale w/greasy white fur; P: wiry, slippery N/A eliminate phlegm, dry dampness, promote qi flow, induce menstruation
Leukorrhea - SP Deficiency continuous white, sticky discharge w/out fetid odor; glossy white or whithered sallow complexion; cold limbs; weariness; feebleness; possibly obese; edema face & limbs; poor appetite; loose stools; T: pale/enlarge, white or greasy fur; P: moderate, weak revolve around REN 12; knead REN 6,4; revolve GB 26; knock/vibrate abdomen; round-rub/revolve abdomen; push/wipe ribs; press SP 9; knead UB 30 strengthen SP, eliminate Dampness, stop discharge
Leukorrhea - KD Deficiency cold, clear, abundant discharge (like egg white) dripping daily; dim complexion; listlessness; serious lower back pain; cold feeling in lower abdomen; frequent urination; T: pale w/white fur; P: deep thready N/A benefit KD, foster primordium; consolidate/constrict uterine collaterals, stop discharge
Leukorrhea - Noxious Dampness profuse sticky smelly discharge; mixed w/blood or cloudy; itching; dizziness; heavy head; thirst w/no desire to drink; pain in lower abdomen; difficult urination; dark urine; bitter taste; dry throat; T: red w/yellow fur; P:soft, floating, rapid, slippery knead UB 30/REN 6; dot SP 6, push/wipe ribs; round-rub/revolve + lift/jerk + knock/vibrate abdomen; dot/vibrate chest; nip/knead LV 2, GB 34, ST 36; knead UB 20, 21, 19 clear heat, detoxify noxious evil, eliminate dampness
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