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mr marks final and randall final vocabulary

werd homiesDefinition
Machination an evil design or plan
pejorative having a negative result
harbinger an omen or sign
nubile ready for marriage
sapient wise, full of knowledge
chimerical imaginary, fantastic
masochonist one who enjoys pain
finesse artful management
heterogeneous different, disimilar
eclectic chosing from various sources
grandiose impressive and showy
raiment clothing, garments
blanch to whiten, to make pale
hybrid anything of mixed origin
idiosyncrasy a peculiar personality trait
idolatry excessive or blinf adoration
adulterate to make impure, to contaminate
emanate to cum forth, to send forth
garish tastlessly gaudy
immutable unchangable, fxed
diadem crown
bucolic pertaining to countryside
rodelent having a pleasent odor
impecunious without money
sediton rebillion or resistance against the government
defile to pollute
gratitious unnecessary or uncalled for
onus a burden, a responsibility
impious disrespectful to god
caveat a warning
elixir a supposed remedy for all ailments
desiccated dried up
cessation a stopping, a discontinuence
juxtapose to place side by side for comparison
kinetic motion
garrulous talkative
fetish an object that recieves respect or devvotion
scintillate to sparkle/twinkle
lachrymose tearful weapy
fissure an opening
fissure an opening,groove
epitome a typical example
languid sluggish
deliantate to depict, describe
legerdemain sleight of hand
libertine one who leads an immoral life
halycon calm
fastidious hard to please, fussy
badinage playful, teasing talk
malapropism hilariously misused word
garner to gather
kismet destiny, fate
hegira flight escape
paradigm a model
debauchry corruption
milieu envirenment
regress to move back
bilious bad tempered (angus)
necromancy magic by a wich
gumption courage and initiative
blandiishment flattery
nirvana a condition of great happiness
salutary wholeful
despicable hateful
savant eminent scholar
obseqious excessively submissive
redundant repititious
offal garbage
hoi polloi the common people
seninent concious
impinge to trespass
cataract waterfall
animosity hatred
bombast impressive but meaningless language
orthography correct spelling
paleontology study of prehistoric life
recoil to retreat:
panache self confidense
saturnine gloomy
endemic confined to a particular country or area
mendacious lying or false
obviate to prevent
paroxysm a sudden outburst
aggrandize make bigger
deign to ones self in front of an inferior
flaunt to show off
shibboleth pernouciation which destinquishes peoples origin
elicit to draw forth
orifice mouth
halow to make holy
perdition damnation
chaff worthless matter (reibman)
aesthetic pertaining to beauty
empirical based on practical experience rather than theory
germane relevent
hermetic tightly sealed
querelous complaining
meretricious attractive in a cheap flashy way
flaccid floppy
hospice a shelter for travelers
egregious remarkably bad
ratiocinate to reason
foment to stir up
salient significnt
recant to withdraw
jocular humorous
palliented to ease
malleable easily shaped
recreant a coward
affinity an attration to
impalpable unable to be felt
fiscal pertaining to finaces
regale to delight with something pleasing or amusing
miscreant a viscious person
flagellante to whip
lascivious lustful or lewd
flout to ridicule
salacious obscene, lustful
thanks to my man frank amico for sending me the list (blank)
Created by: AngusTheAnchovy



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