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Types of Genres

Definitions and Termsof Literary Genres

Fiction A story that is not true
Non-Fiction real, factual, deals with actual people, places, and events
Biography Type of non-fiction about a real person's life written by someone else
Autobiography Type of non-fiction that a real person writes about his/her life
Realistic Fiction Fiction that can actually happen and is true to life
Historical Fiction Story with fictional characters and events in a historical setting; the setting may be real but the characters are not
Science Fiction Story contains some sort of scientific element; characters may be realistic
Fantasy Fiction with one or more of the following: creatures or characters with magical or Supernatural powers, animals with human characteristics, magical settings
Mystery Story plot revolves around a problem or secret that isn't solved until near the end of the story
Folktales or Folklore Songs, myths, stories of people (folk) handed down by word of mouth or storytelling
Fable Short stories, usually with animals that speak and act as humans; has a moral or lesson to the story
Tall Tales Humorous story with lots of exaggerations; usually involved a hero who does the impossible with little effort
Legend A story with a hero which is a mixture of historical facts and fiction
Myths Fiction that contains gods and goddesses as the main characters
Poetry A type of literary genre that uses imagery, verse and figurative language
Drama A story written to be performed on stage
Fairy Tale Fictional stories that involve fairies or other magical creatures and have been told over long periods of time
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