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Spreadsheet SG

Spreadsheet and Graph Terms

Active Cell An active is the cell you are currently working in
Auto sum (Greek E) A formula that will add up a column of numbers
Cell Reference The column number and the row letter of a cell. Ex. D9
Cell Each individual box on the spreadsheet where a column and row meet.
Chart Title The title given to the chart or graph being made
Column The vertical references identified by letters
Formula Calculation for a cell that always starts with "=" sign
Formula Bar Box identified by fx containing the active cell information
Graph A visual representation of data
Gridlines The horizantal and vertical lines on the spreadsheet
Labels Titles given to data placed in a spreadsheet
Row The horizontal references identified by numbers
Sheet Tabs Tabs that identifiy the worksheets in a workbook
Spreadsheet A grid that organizes data
Value A number that can be entered into a cell as data and used in calculations
Workbook The Spreadsheet file containing many worksheets
Worksheet One page or worksheet in a Spreadsheet workbook
Horizontal Axis Title Title given to the horizontal or X axis of a chart
Left Vertical Axis Title Title given to the left vertical or Y axis of a chart
Column Chart Type of chart most used to show data ,trends,comparisons, and changes over time in years, months, or quarters
Bar Chart A column chart that runs horizontal and works well with a larger number of values or information to show
Line Chart Line graphs works well for showing long periods of time or multiple groups of data at once.
Pie Have only one column of data to show Proportions and ratios of things occurring at specific times but due not include an axis.
Created by: heritage