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English 9 Odyssey

Notes from The Odyssey.

Who is the main character in the story? Odysseus.
What was the main role of Odysseus? King.
Where was Odysseus' abode? Kingdom of Ithaca.
What was the name of Odysseus' son? Telemachus.
Why did Odysseus leave Ithaca? To fight at the battle of Troy.
How did Odysseus and his men win the battle of Troy? By building the Trojan Horse.
What was the Trojan Horse? A "gift" to the people of Troy.
Where did Odysseus' crew land next after the battle of Troy? On an island of cyclops.
Where did the men shelter themselves for the time being on the island of cyclops? In a giant cave.
What was in the cave? Cheese, wine, and sheep.
What was the name of the cyclops that lived in the cave? Polyphemus.
How did Odysseus' men escape from the cave? By stabbing the cyclops in the eye with a sharp spear in its sleep.
How did Odysseus trick Polyphemus? By telling the cyclops his name was Nohbody.
How did Odysseus escape from the cave? By smuggling himself underneath the fattest sheep with the thickest wool.
What was the name of the island that Odysseus' crew landed on after defeating Polyphemus? Island of Aeolus.
What god aided Odysseus in trying to head home? Aeolus.
What did Aeolus give Odysseus? A bag of wind.
What does Odysseus' crewmen do while Odysseus was asleep? Open up the bag of wind, believing that there was gold and silver inside.
Where does the ship land after the terrible encounter with the bag of wind? On Aeaea.
Who lived on Aeaea? A witch named Circe.
Who makes it back safely from Circe's palace? Eurylochus.
What happened to the rest of Eurycholus' platoon? They were turned into animals.
Who went up to the palace of Circe alone? Odysseus.
What god helped Odysseus during the journey up to the palace of Circe? Hermes.
What did Hermes give Odysseus to help him withstand Circe's powers? Moly.
What does Circe ask for from Odysseus in exchange for the his crew? To be "tucked into bed".
How long did Odysseus and his men actually stay at Circe's palace? Five years.
What were the women that accompanied Circe? Lotus Eaters.
What was the first piece of advice Circe gave Odysseus? Cover the men's ears with beeswax to ignore the sirens.
What was the second piece of advice Circe gave Odysseus? Tie Odysseus to the mast of the ship so he can hear the advice from the sirens.
What was the name of the six-headed beast? Scylla.
What was the name of the giant whirlpool that swallowed Odysseus' men and his ship? Charybdis.
What was the name of the island that Odysseus stayed on after the incident with Charybdis and Syclla? Ogygia.
What was the name of the nymph who lived on Ogygia? Calypso.
How long does Calypso keep Odysseus on the island for? Seven years.
Who is the final person who helps Odysseus get home? King Alcinous.
What is the name of Odysseus' wife? Queen Penelope.
What were the names of the people who had been total motherfucking assholes to the people of Odysseus? Suitors.
Which goddess helped Odysseus throughout the entire story? Athena.
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