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health and safety

Who should you report to when a 5 year old falls from a climbing frame and fractures her leg written report to HSE Phone call/written report to Ofsted
Who would you notify if three children aged 5 - 8 years suffered from food poisoning at school Ofsted
Who would you notify if an early years learner tripped over a loose paving stone in the road outside his placement and fractured a toe Non reportable accident as occurred outside workplace. Indiviudal could report to LA
Who would you report to if a parent telephoned the nursery to inform you that her two children had been diagnosed with mumps Ofsted
Who would you report to if a 12 year old child trapped his finger in a fired door and severed teh top, requiring hospital treatment Manager/employer HSA; Ofsted
Who would you report to if an early years practitioner is off work for more than 3 days with a back injury caused by lifting an outdoor slide on her own Non reportable as accident occured outside workplace
Who would you inform if an early years practitioner is off for more than three days due to influenza Worker must notify manager of absence, but not reportable under health and safety regulations
Created by: rrogers1