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Exam vocbulary


Acrimonious Bitter in nature
Adroit Skillful
Advocate Suppoter
Alacrity Cheerfullness
Amicable Friendly
Asperity Harsh manner
Blatant Flagrant
Caustic Severely critical
Chagrin Feeling of annoyance
Clandestine Surreptitious
Coerce Compel by intimidation
Cognizant Aware of
Conjecture Guess
Cryptic Mysterious
culpable blameworthly
disparage belittle
dupe gullible person
egregious remarkably bad
emaciated wasted away
eminent outstanding
eschew avoid
euphemism tactful expression
exacerbate worsen
expunge erase
feint false attack
fortuitous happening by chance
fray battle
gesticulate animated
hapless unlucky
harbinger prediction
histrionics emotional outburst
impunity exempt from punishment
incoherent garbled
incipient initial stage
incongruous inappropriate
idigent homeless
inert unmoving
interminable unending
interpid courageous
inundate overwhelm
laconic concise
landmark significant
meticulous precise
obviate preclude
ominous threatening
ostentatious conspicuous
paradox self-contradictory
paroxysm violent outburst
paucity scarcity
pertinent relevant
peruse read thoroughly
precluded prevent
precocious advanced
prognosticate predict future event
promulgate publish
rampant widespread
recant take back
relegate demote
remuneration reward
repudiate reject with denial
salient prominent
schism spirit
scurrilous vulgar
sinecure easy job
stentorian loud, powerful voice
subjugated enslave
succumb yield, esp. death
surreptitious secret
thwart prevent success
truncated shorten
ubiquitous omnipresent
viable practical
virulent poisonous
voracious exceedingly eager
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