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Graves Word Process

Graves Word Processing Vocab

A computerized system for producing and manipulating written material. WORD PROCESSING
The combination of typeface and other qualities such as size, pitch, and spacing. FONT
To make characters stand out from the page by making them darker than the rest of the type. BOLD
Is about 1/72 of an inch and used to measure the height of characters. POINT SIZE
Text which is not capitalized. LOWER CASE
Text which is capitalized. UPPER CASE
Permits information to be keyed on successive lines without having to press the enter key at the end of each line. WORD WRAP
Moves the text to positions indicated by the user so subsequent lines of text can then be aligned to the same positions. Great for making columns. TABULATION
The end of a page of text. Special codes which cause the printer to advance to the next page. PAGE BREAK
The blank space to the left and right sides and to the top and bottom of a page. MARGINS
Refers to the number of blank spaces between lines of type. LINE SPACING
The way lines of text are arranged relative to the edges of a block of text, usually right, left, center, or full. JUSTIFICATION / ALIGN
Moves the left-hand margin of the text into a position specified by the user. Shapes paragraphs on the left in block, first-line or hanging. INDENT
The layout or appearance of a document covering margins, tabs, etc. FORMAT
The paper copy of a processed document. HARD COPY
Pictures, photos, etc., that are not text but can be inserted into the document as an object. GRAPHICS
Created by: EdwardgRM