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UB Points1

UB Functions Transforms fluids necessary for the production of urine, holds and excretes urine
Inner UB line affects function of organ
Outer UB line affects Jing nourishment (anatomical, sensorial, and spiritual)
For Deficiency, Use... Moxa preferred (nourishing yang by concentrating heat energy)
LU Tissue, Sensory, Spirit Skin, Smell, Po
KD Tissue, Sensory, Spirit Bones/Marrow, Hearing, Zhi (Will)
SP Tissue, Sensory, Spirit Muscle/flesh, Taste, Yi (Integrity)
LV Tissue, Sensory, Spirit Tendons/Sinews, Sight, Hun
HT Tissue, Sensory, Spirit Blood vessels, Taste/Speech, Shen
UB 1 Benefits eyes, Expel wind/heat (allergic, itchy eyes), Treats Insomnia, Rebalance Yin-Yang
UB 2 Benefits eyes, Expels wind/heat, clears head (frontal sinus headaches)
UB 3 Expels wind/clears head/alleviates pain (local headache)
UB 4 Expels wind/clears head/alleviates pain (local headache)
UB 5 Expels wind/heat, descends yang (neuro-epilepsy, dizziness, stroke)
UB 6 Expels wind/heat (vertex headache)
UB 7 Benefits/Regulates Nose (w/ Du 23), crown chakra to communicate w/ heavens
UB 8 Benefits sense organs (nasal congestion, blurred vision), Pacifies wind (stroke), Transforms phlegm, Calms spirit (neuro-disorientation/epilepsy)
UB 9 Expels wind and cold (stiff neck, occipital headache), Benefits Nose/Eye (visual processing in occipital region)
UB 10 Window of Sky, Pacify wind (seizures), Benefits head and sensory orifices (headaches), Calms spirit (mania, schizophrenia), Move qi and blood stagnation downwards (lower/upper back pain)
UB 11 Influential/Meeting Point for Bones, Meeting point of UB, SI, SJ, GB and Governing vessel, Point of Sea of Blood, Benefits Bones/Joints (arthritis), Expels pathogenic factors/firms exterior, Regulate LU qi (cough)
UB 12 Great for external wind (Expel wind and releases exterior), Benefits nose
UB 13 Back Shu point of LU, Tonifies LU qi and yin, Descends/Disseminates LU qi
UB 14 Back Shu point of PC, Spreads LV qi, unbinds chest,
UB 15 Back Shu point of HT, Tonifies HE qi (pulse, palpitations), Calms spirit (Memory, Concentration, Dreaming, Emotions, Anxiety)
UB 16 Back Shu point of Du Mai; Regulates Qi in chest and abdomen, Treats skin (psoriasis, poritis)
UB 17 Back Shu point of Diaphragm, Influential point of blood, Helps moves diaphragm up and down, invigorates blood, cools blood heat and stops bleeding, BEST point for moving blood on back
UB 18 Back Shu point of LV
UB 19 Back Shu point of GallBladder, Clears damp heat (cholestasis, cholecystitis), Tonifies/Regulates GB qi
UB 20 Back Shu point of SP, Tonifies SP Qi and yang, Resolves dampness, Holds blood (nourish involuntary musculature of vessels-bruise, nosebleeds)
UB 21 Back Shu point of ST, Helps send food to SI, Regulates ST and Descends rebellion (hiccup, nausea, vomiting), Harmonizes middle jiao
UB 22 Back Shu point of San Jiao,
San Jiao Function Connects
Upper Jiao organs LU, HT, PC (Thoracic cavity)
Middle Jiao organs SP, ST, LV, (SI) (Peritoneal cavity)
Lower Jiao organs UB, KD, (LI) (Retro-peritoneal)
UB 23 Back Shu Point of KD, tonifies kidneys and fortifies the yang, nourishes yin/qi, helps kidneys grasp qi from LU, benefits jing/uterus/urination/ears/eyes/lumbar region, treats cock crow diarrhea (early morning-low point of KD)
UB 24 Stengthens lumbar regions and regulates lower jiao
UB 25 Back Shu of the LI, Regulates intestines, Transforms stagnation/alleviates pain (constipation, cramps, lbp)
Created by: phdinh33