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Week 2

Frishberg – ch 9

What setting is the most common placement for recent graduates and intern interpreters? Rehabilitation and Social Services
Public Law 94-142 is also known as which of the following? The Education for All Handicapped Children Act.
Educational programs are generally designed with the goal of moving students toward increasingly greater degrees of intellectual, emotional and ______________ ____________. Social maturity
Technical-vocational schools along with others have opened their doors to deaf students. Name three supportive services that are provided for the students. Note-taking, tutoring, and Interpreting
T/F When working in an educational setting the teaching strategies and visual aids used, the personality and preference of the interpreter, and the preference of the hearing teacher must all be taken into consideration FALSE
T/F When working in the legal setting interpreters must possess a high level of competence in ASL and English, along with understanding English as it is spoken in legal contexts True
Interpreters can do which of the following to prepare for their first court appearance before they even enter a courtroom to interpret? By observing and working with an experienced legal interpreter.
A court may inquire the interpreter to present qualifications prior to the start of the trial or court proceedings. What qualifies as adequate proof of qualification? Resume Explaining previous legal interpreter training and years of experience verbally. A letter of recommendations
__% of deaf patients at one mental health clinic specifically for deaf had additional long-standing problems that had not been diagnosed previously, even though the patient had been seen by a physician in the recent past without the use of an interpreter. 50%
An interpreter in the mental health setting will function best if they are ______ and ________. Calm and confident
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