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Electronic Comp Hist

Graves Early Electronic Computer History

What was the 1st generation of computer electronics? The vacuum tube
What did the vacuum tube do? It controlled the flow of electricity, allowing for 1s and 0s to be input and processed
What were two of the first computers that used vacuum tubes? Britain's Colossus and USA's ENIAC, created for WWII
What was the problem with vacuum tubes? They broke or burned out easily
What was the 2nd generation of computer electronics? The transistor
What did the transistor do? It controlled the flow of electricity, but was made of silicon. It was far more reliable and less breakable than vacuum tubes
What was the 3rd generation of computer electronics? The integrated circuit
What was special about the integrated circuit? It combined the functions of many transistors onto a chip of silicon
What computers used first used the integrated circuit? The guidance computers in the landing module and command module for the first NASA Moon mission
What did Colossus do? The British designed and used it to break Nazi Germany's coded messages.
What did ENIAC do? The US military designed and used it to create aiming tables for artillery.
What did the Harvard Mark I computer do? It was used to help develop the atomic bomb.
Created by: EdwardgRM