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A&E - GV

GV1 Luo point, for hemorrhoids, prolapsed rectum, treating spine, KD symptoms
GV2 Strengthens lower back & knees, infertility (especially with moxa), warm lower burner
GV3 Gate of Yang; tonify yang and KD; lumbar sacral pain; firm jing
GV4 Gate of Life; Primary point for KD yang; firm KD jing
GV5 Strengthen SP & ST
GV8 Regulate LV qi and eliminate wind; calm spirit
GV9 Transfer damp heat, strengthen LU
GV11 Regulate HT and calm the mind; clear heat and extingish internal wind
GV12 Strengthen spine, strengthen LU's
GV13 Intersecting point of GV and BL; clears heat, regulate shao yang stage illness, strengthen lungs
GV14 Intersecting point of all yang channels; main point for febrile conditions, strengthen lungs; relieve pain, tonify & raise yang
GV15 Speech problems; deafness; mental illness; neck pain and headache
GV16 Ghost point, Window of the Sky point, Sea of Marrow Point; disperses exterior and interior wind; calms spirit and builds brain
GV20 Best point for raising yang; revives collapse; calm LV and extinguish internal wind; headache, dizziness, eye pain, tinnitus
GV23 Ghost point; opens the nose
GV24 Calms spirit; anxiety; insomnia; palpitations
GV26 Ghost point; Restores consciousness (fainting, coma, etc); main point for facial problems
Emergency GV points GV20, GV25, GV26 - Clear mind; open orifices; restore consciousness
Febrile disease GV points GV13 and GV14
Mental disorder GV points GV26 & GV15 (depression) GV20 & GV1 (epilepsy)
Intestinal problems GV20 for prolapse of anus; GV1 for hemorrhoids
C/I of GV6 No moxa
C/I of GV15 No deep needling or needling obliquely upward; no moxa
C/I of GV16 No deep needling or moxa
C/I of GV17 Needle cautiously; no moxa
C/I of GV22/23 No treating at all in infants; no needling under age 6
C/I of GV25/26/27/28 No moxa
Created by: jlc