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GV A & E

*****GV 4 A&E 1.Tonify KD Qi & Yang 2.Firm KD Jing 3.Clear Yin deficiency heat 4.Treat floating Yang symptoms 5.Improve immune system function
*****GV 14 A&E 1. main point for febrile conditions 2. strengthen the LU 3. relieve the pain 4. tonify the Yang and raise the Yang
*****GV 20 A& E 1. raise the Yang and revives collapse 2. calm the LV and extinguish internal wind 3. strengthen the brain and calm the spirit
***GV 1 A &E 1. treat local symptoms 2. treat the spine, midline 3. treat symptoms related with KD 4. promotes functions of the intestines 5. treat mental problems
***GV 3 A&E 1. tonify the Yang and KD: warming cold or cold damp in the lower warmer. *very good for low back pain. 2. firm Jing in both men and women.
***GV11 A&E 1. regulate the HT and calm the mind: combined with BL15 and HuatuoJiaJi 2. clear heat and extinguish the internal wind:childhood convulsiong 3. treat local pain: upper back and neck pain and stiffness
***GV12 A&E 1. strengthen the spine 2. strengthen the LU 3. calm the spirit 4. cool the blood and clear heat from skin
***GV13 A&E 1. clear Shao Yang stage heat 2. strengthen the LU 3. treat local pain 4.calm spirit
***GV15 A&E 1. treat speech problems 2. treat mental problems 3. treat neck pain and headache
***GV16 A&E 1. disperses exterior and interior wind 2. calm the spirit and build the brain 3. treat all types of headache 4. window of skype point
***GV23 A&E 1. open the nose 2. disperse wind heat and cold
***GV24 A&E 1. treat local problems:headache, dizziness 2. calm the spirit
***GV26 A&E 1. main point for restoring consciousness 2. main point for facial problem 3.main point for acute lower back pain 4. calm the spirit
Luo-connecting point of GV GV1
Created by: lucida